Muslims Kill Christians, Bottle Their Blood, And Sell It For $100,000 A Piece To Saudis

By Theodore Shoebat

A nun in Germany has recently done a presentation in a conference of an independent investigation she conducted of the treatment of Christians in Syria under the hands of Muslim fundamentalists. She revealed that Muslims are butchering Christians, draining their blood in bottles, and selling each bottle for $100,000 to Muslims in Saudi Arabia who take it to wash their hands in Christian blood, with the belief that it atones for their sins.

Truly, Saudi Arabia is that “woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus” (Revelation 17:6), and the kings of the earth are fornicating with her, trading with this harlot the wine (oil) for the obliteration of the saints. This is why I ask you to donate now and save Christian lives.

Here is the video of the presentation, showing what evils the Christians are suffering:


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  • mikeammo

    It’s way past time for crusades.. Genghis Khan had it right he said the only way to deal with Muslims is to kill everyone of them or you will have to fight them again. His wife was a devout Christian..

    • Hope this will wake Americans up and it is time to stand up and declare Muslims as terrorists to all Nations…

      • Liam Connaughton

        it’s not being reported!

    • ubuntuluser

      He had hundreds of “wives”

      • mikeammo

        What the hell does that have to do with Muslims and the continuing war that Muslims have declared on the entire world…?

        • ubuntuluser

          Idiot, you brought Ghenghis Khan up, and advocated mass slaughter and rape.

          Christians are giant hypocrites.

          • shirleyanne12

            Perhaps, it’s b/c they are still drinking the KOOLADE and would rather be entertained by Hollywood and Them DUMB BALL-GAMES…
            What we see now was Planted way back in the 1900’s if not earlier.
            This GAME-PLAN was Created by Rothschilds et al.
            The MUSLIMS ARE THE ”USEFUL IDIOTS” who are WILLING to bring the population down to 500,000….
            EASY TO CONTROL THAT NUMBER, as opposed to 7 BILLION!!!

          • mikeammo

            Look in the mirror to see mr dumb fuck. Mr Khan started killing muslims after they attacked Khan villages and were in the process of one of there Caliphate’s. ML

          • Chaya Jolika Goldberger

            Learn some history before openin

          • GotchaGlobal

            Modern members of the Christian faith may well not always walk their talk but they are not radicalized to the limits of madness that Muslims are – frankly I am sick of any human being who invokes the defense of their invisible god-friend as a causal justification for destroying the lives of others … but at least the Christians aren’t stoning wifes and beheading husbands when someone disagrees with them. The world needs to go forward, not backwards thousands of years. The Muslim faith is not compatible to a world that does not wish to be Muslim – simple as that. It’s time to face the facts.

        • cacslewisfan

          That is a fascinating quote. Where did you read it?

    • Goten Son

      I bet you would love to bring the dark ages back now wouldn’t you?
      Who the heck are you Genghis Khan reincarnated?

  • shirleyanne12

    The region known as the Steppes, Southern Russia is ALL MUSLIM.. THE ”STAN” of Islam.. KirgizSTAN, TadzhikiSTAN, UzbekiSTAN, TurkeSTAN, KazakhSTAN.

    • ubuntuluser

      Christian America has embraced Sunni extremists, in their war against Shi’ites. There is no need to be angry about some of the crimes your allies have committed.

      • paendragon

        Crime is crime, & the USA/CIA didn’t cause islam – Muhammad did!

      • mcbee555

        In the case of Iraq, Shiites have control of the government. Under Saddam, Sunnis, which were the minority, had the high positions in government. The poison gas attacks perpetrated by Saddam Hussein killed Shiites in the south and

        • shirleyanne12

          NOPE !!!
          SATAN HIMSELF!!!
          Truth be known, Obamanation wouldn’t know his butt from his head!!!!

          • mcbee555

            I see that you think “as much” of him as I do! :):)

      • shirleyanne12

        WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ?????

    • mcbee555

      Hi Shirley:
      The Russian population is composed of less than 15% Muslims, the “Stans” are no longer part of Russia, they became independent republics with the demise of the Soviet Union. Putin still keeps them close, it’s a Russian philosophy to have as many buffer-zones around Russia proper as possible. Through military agreements he has kept them aligned with Moscow, Russia is the big bear in that neighborhood. The Muslim problems Russia has comes out of those Caucasus states like Chechnya, Abkhazia,and thereabouts. Lots of Muslim guerilla fighters battling Russian troops sent there to quell guerilla activity. Those places are hotbeds for Muslim fundamentalism for at least 200 years.
      Along the central to southern Volga, from Kazan (the ancient Tatar capitol) to the southern Volga cities, there are Muslim populations *they are Tatars, but not oriental, I think they were originally of the Turkmen group, but there’s been intermarriage with the more Nordic “Rus” people.Most of those still professing loose ties to Islam are Russified from the days of Soviet Union. All speak Russian as primary language, elders can be bilingual, speaking Russian and Tatar. Many don’t admit the fact that they’re secular or converted on their own volition to the Russian Orthodox faith. Religion is less a topic for discussion there, than it is here.The women have taken the fashion direction of any Euro women, it would be unusual to see one wearing a burkah. They wear swim suits like any other Russian females.
      In Soviet times, states like Kazakhstan were intentionally settled by Moscow shipping northern Russians to Kazakhstan, because it has so many military and manufacturing installations there. (That could be done by “the Chairman’s order)
      I don’t know if the policy still exists, but there was a time when Wahhabist types were refused entrance into the Soviet Union, unless they were going directly to The Kremlin to discuss relations…which wasn’t encouraged.
      It is a fact that even in secular Tatar-Muslim families, childbirth is more frequent than in Christian Russian families, and abortion rates much lower. They don’t appear to be militant like the Caucasus fundamentalists.

      • paendragon

        According to Mark Steyn’s (u)America Alone(/u), Russia’s closer to 50% muzi.

        • mcbee555

          Read the book a few years ago….Mark is wrong on that score and I don’t recall he made such a point if he did.
          In any case, the percentage you quote is wrong.

          • paendragon

            K; but I cited my source, what’s yours, please?

          • mcbee555

            You cited from “America Alone.” You cited a whole book for one specific remark and you’re wrong. Let’s have the page in that book, Know it All! You do the reading!
            Boy, you’re a pain in the ass! Is this what you live for?
            My source is none of your business. You just spend some time in Russia, there’s my response. Take it or leave it.
            That’s it, Peepers, bother someone else.

          • paendragon

            What bee’s gotten up your McBonnet lately?!

            PS: Spent a year living in Moscow already, but that was a long time ago.


          • shirleyanne12

            Hey you 2, knock it off!!
            You’re my achi as well as him!
            Shalom aleichem.
            Shabbat shalom.

          • paendragon

            You’re preaching to the choir so far as I’m concerned, Surly! But McB seems to have mistaken me for someone else lately, so for some unknown reason he’s acting like a liberal or muslim towards me. Maybe he’s had a wee bit too much holiday cheer?


          • mcbee555

            In Moscow? The greatest tourist trap in Russia and Europe combined. That’s not Russia, that’s a place where American egg-heads go for educational exchange arrangements at Russian institutes of higher propaganda. Ah, the “long time ago” provision is added too!
            “Long time ago” wouldn’t make any more difference than your wealth of book knowledge which mentions preferences of Lenin and Stalin, according to you.

          • shirleyanne12

            mcbee555, chill bro. Let’s not re-incarnate the cold war…
            It’s getting chilly here!

          • paendragon

            Went there as a university student of the Russian language, not as a tourist. Went back later for much more sinister reasons LOL! But the rest of it is still Classified.

            Besides, “Ah, the ____ provision is added, too!” bit of gratuitous ad-hominem interjection implies you are automatically slandering me as a liar. Paranoid, much?

            As for the preferences of Lenin and Stalin completely documented in the book (I can give you the ISBN and page numbers, if you want) which you also slander me as a liar or fantasist with your “according to you” dismissal, implies you’re uncertain of your own claims, for which you are blusteringly unwilling to provide ANY cited sources!

            So enough of your subjectivist critical thinking logical fallacy evasions of the objective facts; and let’s get back to those facts, shall we?

            But then again, focusing on those even longer ago facts would also inconveniently explain the reasons behind Russia’s creation which got it labelled as “The Third Rome” but I’m sure to you that bygone era is so passe as to be irrelevant, too – despite Putin’s current attempt to revive the Russian Orthodox Church to combat islam.

            And you may or may not know them anyway, because you also may or may not choose to remember, what they say about people like you, who refuse to learn the lessons of history, right?


          • mcbee555

            “Classified types” don’t talk about it. That is why the term “Classified.” I’m not impressed. Bill Clinton avoided military service by attending a university in another country.
            You just can’t stand being dismissed, but you have been.
            Save yourself the trouble of your petty arguments, You’re acting like a petulant child who hasn’t gotten his way.Try to realize that I don’t give a damn what you think.

          • paendragon

            You are an imbecile, substituting ad-hominems and all the other critical thinking logical fallacy evasions for a collaborative discussion of real objective facts; in short, you are a muslim-like, liberal troll.

            I am retired ex-Military, who served in the Middle East and later in other branches of the government, troll.

            Enjoy your convoluted paranoid fantasies.

          • shirleyanne12

            mcbee555, be nice now.
            paen’s my achi, too!

      • shirleyanne12

        Thank you my friend… I needed to update my knowledge of History….
        Old-Timers >>>>>> LOL!!
        I still remember them Maccabeean Zealots…… Cleaning the Temple after the Abomination that Causes Desolation, by Antiochus Ephihanes.
        Shalom aleichem.
        Amein & Amein.

        • mcbee555

          Hi Shirley:
          The crux of your comment had me in full agreement. Russia does face some form of Islamization if it stays on its present demographic path. It could take over 40 years even with the lackadaisical attitude of Russians professing to part-time Christianity. Communism has almost killed religiosity in that country. The only way it’ll change is if Putin strengthens the influence on the Russian Orthodox Church, which he’s attempting at present. What happens if he’s gone is anyone’s guess. He confounds as it is, going from dutiful Communist leader to strongman trying to cultivate a Russian form of free-market economy. It’s doubtful that Russia would tolerate an Arab type of Islam, there would be plenty of bloodshed.The only Russian subjects that would strap on C-4 belts are the fundamentalist Muslims (Sunni) of the Caucuses, those who’ve traditionally fought Russian/Kremlin authority since the Russian military conquests by the Czars. Now, there’s the proximity of energy resources and pipelines which is major income for Russia through and adjacent to those areas, so Moscow will impose strong power as long as it can. It makes deals with Muslim leaders in those states, cutting them in on the profits. They control their people in their own way. It owns the leaders in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Dagestan, Chechnya, and any other dominantly Muslim state’s leader it deals with.
          It’s not all black & white statistics that define mysterious Russia, but there’s lots of guessing.

          • shirleyanne12

            You Sir are RGHT…. POLITICS AS USUAL !!!
            This is Playing out as the Bible so accurately describes.
            The Players are On Stage, and they Know their Roles WELL!
            It has been Well Rehearsed & Orchestrated.
            The GRAND FINALé will be The RECITAL, the Curtain opens!!
            We have Front row seats of the Final Battle that Yeshua will come and Fight, HIMSELF!!
            But He assures me to be of GOOD CHEER, He has OVERCOME the World! John 16:33.
            For He hath not given me a Spirit of Fear, But of Power, Love & a Sound Mind. 2 Peter 1:7.
            Be Sober be Vigilant, my friend! 1 Peter 5:8.
            It will only come as a thief in the night, to those who are Asleep.
            But we, Brethren are not in darkness that that day should overtake us as a thief. We are children of the light, and are children of the day: We are not of the night nor of darkness.
            1 Thes. 5:4-5.
            If the son therefore shall make you Free, ye shall be FREE Indeed! John 8:36.
            Shalom aleichem.

          • mcbee555

            The predictions about Gog and Magog could be forming up. The plot thickens. The signs are there.
            Aleichem shalom.

          • shirleyanne12

            Yep. Psalm 83 is is already in full force…
            EZekiel 37 & 38, is @ the doorstep.
            Shabbat shalom.
            Shavua tov.

          • stevor

            You sure seem to know a lot about this. Presuming you really do know it, I have a question. From what I’ve read, it’s the Saudi Wahabi/Salafi muslims who are the terrorists. If I recall correctly, they were from Turkey. I’m curious what your comment would be about his idea.

          • mcbee555

            Perhaps you haven’t read enough, or in the course of your reading you’ve “read into it.”
            You’re indicating that Saudi Wahhabis are terrorists? Maybe some are, Wahhabi sect originated in Saudi Arabia sometime in the 18th century. How Turkey gets into that equation, according to what you’ve read, would have to be incorrect. Turkey is not Saudi Arabia. Salafists are another sect of fundamental Islam, Islam is fraught with sects, Salafists were identified as involved in the Islamic push of the MB to take over Egypt. Egypt has since eliminated those efforts. I don’t know much more about the Salafist organization. I strive to discover more.
            How do we in our Christian-West get into the weeds about what kind of Islamic sect a terrorist comes from? A terrorist is a terrorist! They didn’t originate in Turkey either. Turkey was secular until Erdogan came to power with his emphasis of Sunni Islam and shariah law.
            Not that Turkey hasn’t been dominantly Islamic in its history, but there was no move by its government, until Erdogan, for its government to live by the koranic law since Attaturk after WW1. I think that when Erdogan leaves, then will its government return to Euro-type law, rather than koranic. Turkey has aspired to being part of European Union. It will need to behave “European” to be a member of the EU, that’s why it has yet to be voted in.
            Saudi Arabia is the key, it influences all of Sunni Islam. Its petro-riches make a major influence in Arab Middle East. You’re curious what my comment would be about “his idea?” Whose idea? I have certain opinions, they aren’t gospel, they’re only one man’s opinions. Yours may be quite different or similar to mine. I think it’s best that those interested should derive information from multiple sources and evaluate from there. After all that, Islam could still be an enigma to any of us, because it has had so many internal conflicts for a long time, therefore has lacked stability.

      • Wilbert Jennings

        Your right Russia is the bear the Bible speaks of that will attack Is real.

  • sumsrent

    The satanic mindset of muslims!

  • Christian Ferger

    Does anyone know what part of the Islamic scriptures they are using to justify this washing of hands with Christian blood?

    • shirleyanne12

      Walid Shoebat speaks of Murano, Taqqyia, Jizyia, Dhimmitude….
      The Fatwa is the Religious Authorities that enforce SHARIAH LAW!!
      @ the IFTAR Dinner they SEAL the CONTRACT!!!!

      • Christian Ferger

        Thanks for replying Shirley.

        But noone of those things u mention are connected to the “washing of hands in blood”.

        I dont doubt this things are happening, but if there are no scripture in Islam to back of such an act, then it would be difficult to use this info in debates etc, against Islam.

  • Support radio ministries that broadcast the Christian Gospels into Saudi Arabia. Conversion is WAY more efficient than trying to kill them since you can’t kill them all without nuking them all and that won’t happen. Besides, God prefers conversions. Millions of Muslims convert to Christianity daily. Send the gospels into the belly of the beast since they can’t stop radio broadcasts.

    • srirachi

      Excellent comment. These are God’s lost children, for whom Christ gave His life. “But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that?” – Matt. 5:44-46 NIV

  • paendragon

    Another blood libel? Except where muslims are involved, it most probably isn’t libel!

  • Cyndi L. Burwell

    There will always be war in the middle east because they aren’t civilized enough to solve disagreements without killing. Both christians and muslims are guilty of atrocities against each other. Other religions don’t kill each other because they don’t need to prove they are the one true religion in gods eyes and everyone elses. They have a need to be the one and only true religion and will kill off anyone who disagrees. Those of us whose religion isn’t muslim or christian could care less if ours is number one. We just live and let live. There will never be world peace with these two factions in existence. Sad sad sad.

    • Zeda

      When have the Christians killed to be the one true religion in God’s eyes? They only kill to defend their own!!! I am Christian and NEVER in my 62 year have I seen or heard of ANY Christian killing another person because of their religion! That’s BS!!!

      • SayingLikeItIs

        Two word: Adolf Hitler. He was a devout Christian.
        Also Stalin studied to become a priest until he ran out of money.

  • chocolate_cracker

    Them old stupid moreHAMid believing azzholes ALWAYS get porked in the end.History PROVES IT… Their BORING

  • Jonathan

    and they tell us the crusaders were the bad guys.

  • Markie Mark

    You’re all so shallow and probably gullible too. Not even a vital organ is worth that much. Hating muslims is massively overrated and their place on this earth is wholly misconstrued. A negligibly small portion of muslims use the religion as a motivator to kill other people. There are far worse groups in this this word – our government for instance are deliberately killing off our dear old people through fuel and food poverty. 20,000 are predicted to die this year. Compare that to muslim related deaths and its insignificance becomes stark. If you really believe this about muslims, then you are cognitively malleable, gullible and easily coerced by mainstream news; you possess little in the way of a free and forward thinking mind and that makes me feel sorry for you. Perhaps there is a group out there that can accommodate those shortcomings for you all.

    • shoebat


      In Iraq alone 8000 people were murdered in Bombings in 2013. Thee were thousands of Islamic attacks on non Muslims and Muslims alike by Islamic extremists. Non Muslim attacks pale in insignificance. The left are experts in America’s deficiencies but are never too concerned about the bosom pales the Muslims

      • Goten Son

        As far as i know Iraq was better off under Saddam Hussein than they are under the American supported occupation right now. Come on even you must know by now that America invaded Iraq to get the oil after all Iraq had nothing whatsoever to do with 911.

    • stevor

      I”m curious if you feel that way about the Wahabi/Salafi muslims, too.

    • shirleyanne12


      • Markie Mark

        It’s clear in your replies and your other posts that you are emotionally governed. I do not engage in conversations with people who cannot see objectivity amidst the confusion of their feelings because this creates a collective dialogue and this means that no ground will be gained. I wish you well in your endeavours.

        • shirleyanne12

          I don’t wish to have Dialogue with People that are OBLIVIOUS to REALITY!!!
          ………….. PERIOD ………………….

  • Tom Girouard

    Nothing will wake up America , we are stuck in a lazy world of denial and this can’t happen to me mentality . Well my friends their already here and soon they’ll be knocking at your door .

  • kirkmcloren

    $100,000 must be a bounty to encourage the practice because there are many who would provide it for less. I smell a mouse.

  • everhen

    These peace loving people that the U.S. president loves so much…..since he is one of them!

  • Facebook has removed this and blocking me from posting this
    clearly an anti Semitic action.

    Israeli Soldiers are only allowed to kill in self-defense.

    Muslims kill for revenge, for fun, for honor, for greed and
    for power. The killing of civilians by Muslim terrorists is a killing of honor.

  • Islam is Evil. What part of Evil do people not understand? Islam enslaves your mind, your body and your soul. It must be destroyed.

  • Copt

    You are a terrorist.

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  • Roque Orozco

    Walid Shoebat has ZERO credibility: He’s an Israeli MOSSAD operative.

    Washing of sins with the proverbial ” blood of Christ” is an Evangelical [false] Doctrine adopted from the worship of Mithras: Roman Soldier or Gladiator would be in grated chamber under a bull and be showered with the blood of bull as protection before combat.

  • Evelyn Skinner

    Let’s sale them a bunch of pig blood. Those nasty murdering no goods, need to be run out of America, before they start doing this here.

  • stevor

    Blood sacrifice for SATAN is what it is. The Wahabi muslims of Saudi Arabia are SATANISTS, created with the help of OUR CIA, who were behind GW and Barry.

  • AugustineThomas

    My dream when I grow up is to create a Christian mercenary defense group to kill evil Muslims in Syria, Iran and anywhere in the world they spread their evil.

  • AugustineThomas

    They worship a child murdering, pedophile, terrorist–what do you expect?

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  • JesusmyGod33

    Just recently Prince Charles spoke at one of the Aramaic speaking Assyrian church of the east.I agree with Prince Charles speaking out against the persecution of middle east Christians and particularly in Iraq is great and all , but the question should be, who are these Middle east Christians exactly and what name do they go by??.. We have a name, we are Assyrians first and then Christians!. We are the same people of Nineveh who repented when God sent Jonah to warn us. We are the same people that Jesus honors by saying somewhere in the scriptures that” the men of Nineveh shall rise in the judgement day to judge this generation”.. It is crucial that we are to be called by our name and not only be collateral damages and Martyres!!.

    Blessings in the name of the most high Marya Eshoa Meshekha!.

  • Darkahsoka

    And the evidence for this is………. What?

    No such belief exists among any Muslim sect/denomination so about the only conclusion here is that Shoebat is lying

  • Shoebat is not lying, He is a man l consider very truthful,we see the news and videos on what the muslims are doing, l really doubt if there are any moderate muslims..

  • pacman925

    ONLY obama & soros & his muslim regime, those are the only one’s, WE are not supporting terrorist’s !

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  • Raguel

    Well then speak up and stop your government from sending money and resources to the brotherhood.

  • Jeff Gunn

    being intelligent people, one would think one would recognize a blood libel when one sees one. sad reporting.

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  • As an atheist, your head will be amongst the first to be departed from your neck if Muslims take over and establish sharia. There’s absolutely no room for atheists in Islam.

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  • Maria Elena Martinez

    It is a sad thing that all we see are the Muslims that terrorize and kill. However, sadder is that folks like yourself are not fighting the terrorists so that the decent ones are known about. Are you afraid of them? You see, by not going against them publicly, you might as well be one of them. In other words, if you don’t oppose them, you are condoning them and their heinous acts. So, while we lump all together, we are correct in our thinking that all Muslims are terrorists. Some by their deeds, and others by their silence.

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