Open Letter to Rep. Mike Kelly RE: Malik Obama

Rep. Mike Kelly
Republican Congressman, PA
District 3
Member of House Ways and Means Committee

cc: Rep. Dave Camp
Republican Congressman, MI
District 4
Chairman of House Ways and Means Committee

Dear Rep. Kelly,

Back on August 29th of last year, you conducted a radio town hall on 790 WPIC in Hermitage, PA. During that town hall, you took a call from a listener who asked you if you were familiar with the IRS scandal as it relates to the claims that the foundation belonging to Malik Obama received illegal tax exempt status from Lois Lerner. Additionally, you were asked if you were familiar with evidence that Malik works for an arm of the Sudanese government and President Omar al-Bashir, who is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

You responded in the affirmative, saying that you were aware of it. At two points during the call, you asserted that these claims were “spot on”, meaning that not only were you familiar with the charges but seemed to agree with them. Since that time, there have been significant developments in the case. For example, a complaint against Malik Obama has been filed with the Attorney General of Egypt and has since been escalated.

Here is the audio from that exchange during the radio town hall from August 29, 2013:

Yet, your office continues to remain silent about what very likely could be a matter of national security.

For this reason, we re-introduced the audio from that August 29th call to our website, which included your contention that your “intent… is not to make President Obama’s job harder; it’s to try (to) improve Americans’ lives.” That statement is not only oxymoronic; it’s very unfortunate and may explain why you have chosen not to address this scandal publicly since that town hall.

Recently, a prominent Tea Party website posted a link to our work and one of the reader comments stated:

I called Mike Kelly and his staff told me this is not true, that he doesn’t have evidence.

While we have not made contact with this particular commenter, we have placed calls to your Communications Director, Tom Qualtere. Our calls seeking comment from Mr. Qualtere have not been returned (we will update this post if we do).

Note: we have provided Mr. Qualtere’s phone number to our readers so that they may follow up as well (202-740-2158).

Obviously, we believe this scandal rises to an incredibly high level and must conclude that you do as well. When the details of this case are finally brought to the full attention of the American people, you will have to answer for why you did little to nothing about them for so long, Congressman Kelly; the clock is ticking. You’re on public record as of August 29, 2013, stating that the claims are “spot on” and that you don’t want to make the President’s job “harder”.

Nonetheless, we felt compelled to bring you up to date since that town hall.

It was revealed in September of last year, it was learned that Dr. Sadek Rauf Ebeid filed a complaint with Egypt’s Attorney General (Complaint No. 1761), according to Youm7, a reliable Arabic source. In addition to AG Hisham Barakat taking this case very seriously, Tahani Al-Jebali, the former Vice President of Egypt’s Constitutional Court has backed up these charges on multiple occasions. This has since been confirmed by Ebeid publicly via writings and media interviews.

Since filing that complaint, Ebeid has made the case that Malik Obama is an “enemy combatant”.

Congressman Kelly, when Tea Party leaders who had suffered gross injustices at the hands of the IRS, testified in front of your committee, you pledged to them, “We’ve got your back”. Since then, a Wall Street Journal article entitled “The IRS Gets a Pass” by Devlin Barrett reported that no charges are expected to be filed against the IRS for perpetrating those injustices.

Indications are that you are giving Malik Obama, Lois Lerner, and quite possibly Barack Obama a pass as well.

Instead of a pass, perhaps your committee should make the President’s job harder and offer immunity to Lois Lerner in exchange for her full testimony relative to why she granted illegal tax-exempt status to an alleged enemy combatant.

Doing so would demonstrate that you “have (our) backs”.

The Shoebat Foundation

Malik Obama and Omar al-Bashir: at same 2010 IDO Conference in Khartoum.

Malik Obama and Omar al-Bashir: at same 2010 IDO Conference in Khartoum.


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