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CNN Host Makes Case for Dangling with Lois Lerner

Ashleigh Banfield has provided Republicans with the blueprint for getting to the real IRS Scandal One of the subplots to the ‘Bridgegate’ scandal in New Jersey that has ensnared Republican Governor Chris Christie has to do with the death of a 91 year-old woman. She died of a heart attack on the way to the […]

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Christians Tortured while in Custody

Asif Pervaiz is a Christian and a family man with children. He was arrested and charged with blasphemy against Islam. Since being detained, Asif has suffered tortuous abuse. What must be clearly understood is that the enforcement of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws is the result of mob rule. Police are typically reluctant to enforce the laws […]

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War on Women: On Trial for Beheading his Mother

An Irishman who befriended a Muslim fundamentalist and began experimenting with Islam is on trial for beheading his mother, chopping her into pieces, and burying her in the back yard. Though the accused is said to have only shown interest in Islam, accounts of what happened smacks of an ‘honor’ killing. Via the Independent (h/t […]

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State Caves a bit on Benghazi; still avoids Egypt Link

The State Department has identified Ansar Al-Sharia and its leaders as terrorist organizations and terrorists respectively, something we (and others) demonstrated several months ago. Let’s see, well over a year after the Benghazi attack, State has conceded something that was beyond painstakingly obvious within hours of that attack. There is something else that is quite […]

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What Americans Can Learn From Russia

By Theodore Shoebat Russia has placed the Russian Orthodox Church with the government, and this of course has received the outcry of westerners, from both liberal and conservative persuasions, and even amongst Evangelicals. In America, any thought of allowing Christianity to influence policy is interrupted with exasperating objections. And if one were to express opinions […]

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