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Don’t Blame ME for your Meltdown

Dear Andy (Commenter on this post), Whether we critique Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK) of the Civil Rights Movement or Martin Luther, the Protestant reformer, it does not mean that we are critiquing the entire Civil Rights Movement, nor does it mean that we are critiquing every Protestant. If you want to have a meltdown, […]

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General: Future belongs to those who Reform Islam

Those who are familiar with our work know that we’re not subscribers to the ‘Islam must be reformed’ crowd. That said, we can certainly appreciate what Egypt’s General Fatah al-Sisi is doing. One of those things is causing the heads of Muslim fundamentalists to explode. He’s calling for Islam to be reformed, which is the […]

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Malik Obama’s Hamas Scarf makes TV News

Imagine what news it would be if American television networks decided to pick up the story about the photo of Malik Obama wearing a Hamas scarf in Yemen, that we posted earlier this week (photo is on Malik’s own website for Obamabots who scream ‘photoshop’). It’d be pretty big news, right? In Egypt, the scandal […]

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Man Finds Bible With Pages Covered In Christian Blood

By Theodore Shoebat Michael Coren, of the Sun News, interviewed a Christian who had great experience with Christian persecution in the Middle East to discuss the persecution taking place against Christians in Iraq. The Christian brought a Bible that survived an attack by Muslims on the Our Lady of Salvation Syriac Catholic Cathedral in Baghdad. […]

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IDO of Obama’s Brother raises “Billions For Jihad”

By Walid Shoebat President Obama’s brother, Malik Obama is Executive Director of The Islamic Da’wa Organization (IDO). It raised in one incident, $1000,000,000 For Jihad. This is only from one incident. And just to show, the type of money the IDO raises for the Islamization of Africa, below is one eye opening video from the […]

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Why I Am Not Credible

By Walid Shoebat Dear [Insert name], I don’t care what people think and say. Please relay to these folks that it is known that many Protestants have a disdain for Catholics and vice-versa. This is not a “credibility issue,” since no one has ever referred to any misquotes we made. They provide zero misquotes and […]

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