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Christian Woman Beaten So Badly Her Uterus Hangs Out Of Her Body

By Theodore Shoebat A Christian woman in the African nation of Eritrea was arrested and placed in a prison camp, where she was beaten and abused so severely that her uterus protruded and was found hanging outside of her body. The persecution is being done by the Eritrean government, and it is quite horrifying. A […]

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Muslims Want To Destroy Christian Civilization

By Theodore Shoebat We are currently trying to rescue 630 families in Iraq through our contact Sister Hatune Dogan. In order to accomplish this laborious endeavor, its going to cost $1300 to rescue each family. We cannot do this without you. Please remember your brethren and donate to save these poor and helpless saints. To […]

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Benghazi Blood on hands of Bush and Obama

By Ben Barrack Closing the Gitmo detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba has always been a top priority for Barack Obama. Within hours of his first inauguration, he signed an Executive Order in an attempt to close it within one year. Barely more than one year prior to signing that order, Abu Sufian bin Qumu […]

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Lawmaker Reveals Plot To Organize Holocaust On Christians

By Theodore Shoebat A serving member of the House of Representatives in Nigeria, named Peter Biye, has revealed that there is a plot by Muslims to wipe out Christians in the state of Borno in Nigeria. According to Biye, the Muslims have burnt to the ground 200 churches, leaving only a remaining eight standing in […]

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2000 Muslims Surround Church, What They Did Will Disturb You

By Theodore Shoebat 2000 Muslims surrounded the the the Archangel Michael compound in Egypt, setting Christian property ablaze with fires like rapacious and reckless barbarians, breaking and toppling crosses as though they were men possessed by demons, and declaring the blasphemies of Muhammad. Reda Gaballah Girgis, the church’s caretaker, said: We were lucky to escape […]

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