Archive | January 8, 2014

Civil Rights Beneficiaries now Civil Rights Deniers

Today, Christians can be Murdered for Drinking Water from Wrong Fountain By Ben Barrack Right this very moment, a young woman is facing death for drinking from a bowl of water that was meant for others who are not like her. Her name is Asia Bibi and she is a Catholic in Pakistan who was […]

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Muslims Decapitate Man, And Then Talk To His Severed Head

Posted by Theodore Shoebat (Thanks to Pamela Geller ) Watch this video of Muslims illustrating their sadistic and demonic behavior, talking to the severed head of their decapitated victim: After watching this, please realize that these barbarians are slaughtering Christians. PLEASE DONATE TO RESCUE LIVES.

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Thanks To Obama, Christians Are Being Killed

By Theodore Shoebat When Obama used NATO to oust out Gaddafi, I knew immediately that such an evil action would lead to the slaughter and subjugation of Christians. Just very recently, the national assembly of Libya has voted that the Koran will be the basis of jurisprudence. In other words. Libya is now a sharia […]

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