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Muslim: “Had Allah allowed us to eat them we would have eaten them”

By Theodore Shoebat Abubakar Shekau, the leader of Boko Haram, the Muslim terrorist group which has been responsible for the deaths of thousands of Christians, has sworn in a recent video after an attack that that he will “decapitate and mutilate” more people, and then he said Had Allah allowed us to eat them we […]

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Young Man Rescues Hundreds Of People From Being Killed By Jihadist

By Theodore Shoebat A brave young man named Aitazaz Hassan Bangash, sacrificed himself in order to save the lived of hundreds of his school mates. When a jihadist holding a bomb attempted to enter the school, Aitazaz confronted him, and wrestled him down to the ground. The would-be-bomber panicked and then detonated the bomb, killing […]

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North Korea and Christian Persecution

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman’s outburst on CNN while in North Korea serves as a microcosm for a much larger problem in America. What he says and does garners more attention than the Christian man who has been imprisoned in North Korea for over one year. In a sane world, Rodman would be insignificant and […]

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Muslims Murder Woman’s Husband, She Remarries, They Murder Second Husband

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims murdered the husband of a Christian woman in Nigeria, named Faith Kore Usman. When she got remarried, the Muslims murdered her second husband. As Faith explained it herself: My first husband, Davou Philip, was killed by Muslim Fulani herdsmen in Jol Village in Riyom Local Government Area in 2002 …I had […]

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