Archive | January 4, 2014

NYT Reporter Merits Lara Logan Treatment over Benghazi

If CBS’s Lara Logan was run out of 60 Minutes on a rail over a discredited witness, New York Times’ Cairo (emphasis on CAIRO) Bureau Chief David Kirkpatrick should suffer the same fate, at minimum. You see, in his fictional December 28th missive, Kirkpatrick said that neither al-Qaeda nor any international terrorist groups were involved […]

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Socialist explains why Left Attacks A&E but not HBO

We’re all familiar with the Duck Dynasty / A&E controversy by now. The leftists, gay rights activists, socialists, and race-baiting (racists) whackos attacked Phil Robertson for expressing his fundamental religious beliefs. Make no mistake; he was also attacked because one of those beliefs commands him to ‘turn the other cheek’. Conversely, HBO, which is set […]

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Saudi Sex Slave Convict Denied by Judge (with a twist)

Homaidan al-Turki was convicted in 2006 on charges related to having an underage slave whom he sexually molested. Al-Turki resided in Colorado and had been serving out his prison sentence in that state. Since his conviction, there has been a very strong effort from Saudi Arabia to have him released. In 2010, an extremely well-produced […]

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