ACLJ’s Jordan Sekulow dips toe in the water of Malik Obama scandal

Not sure how we missed this story from a week ago but better late than never… Familiar face, Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), is an attorney who is representing 41 individuals in the IRS targeting scandal. His son Jordan Sekulow is the Executive Director of the ACLJ.

ACLJ's Jordan Sekulow

ACLJ’s Jordan Sekulow

At the bottom of an article by Alana Cook at WND, about how the Tea Party is fighting back against the IRS, the younger Sekulow is quoted making reference to the favorable treatment Malik Obama received from the IRS and Lois Lerner, though he doesn’t take the plunge into the much bigger scandal that said treatment reveals. Cook, however, does make reference to it:

Sekulow said nonprofit tax guidelines stipulate that the waiting time for status acceptance cannot exceed a year, so the groups “met the standards, and apparently the IRS is trying to rewrite the rules.”

But he said that’s nothing new.

“Obama’s half-brother got approval for his organization’s nonprofit status within 30 days while these [tea-party organizations] waited three years, and many are still waiting,” Sekulow said.

The Barack H. Obama Foundation received an approval letter signed by former IRS chief Lois Lerner within 30 days of applying for status – an unprecedented timeline that stands in stark contrast to the guidelines the IRS is proposing.

The foundation operated outside the bounds of the very same regulations that the IRS is requiring of 501(c)(4) nonprofits, according to an official complaint filed in May 2011 against the IRS by the National Legal and Policy Center.

As WND reported, Lerner also broke with norms and granted retroactive tax-exemption status.

The complaint inquired about why Malik Obama’s organization, which has ties to the terrorist group Hamas, was being allowed to solicit tax-deductible contributions when it had not even applied for IRS determination.

While Cook makes reference to the terror ‘ties’ of the President’s brother, it doesn’t appear that Sekulow has commented on them. Nonetheless, he is obviously aware of the favorable treatment Malik received. If the IRS ‘bullies’ are on the run – as Cook suggests – groups like the ACLJ talking about the Malik Obama angle would certainly make those ‘bullies’ run a little faster.

Powerful conservative groups like the ACLJ should consider jumping in with both feet in order to make that happen.


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