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Parents of Fallen Navy SEAL Implicate Vice President Joe Biden in the death of their son and 29 other Soldiers

News broke on May 1, 2011, that Osama bin Laden had been killed. One day later, Vice President Joe Biden identified the Navy SEALs as being responsible. Barely more than three months later, 30 Navy SEALs were murdered when their helicopter was shot down over Afghanistan. It has all the earmarks of retribution. Karen and […]

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Is John Kerry working with Europe in threatening Boycott of Israel?

Rhetoric against Israel lately includes talk of boycotts. We’ve been seeing it on college campuses (National University of Ireland and UCLA). Earlier this month, Barack Obama issued a veiled threat to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu about agreeing to a deal with the Palestinians, consequences could be in store for Israel. Secretary of State John Kerry […]

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Walid predicts the destruction of Saudi Arabia by Iran on CBN in 2012

Walid’s last and best interview on CBN in 2012 in which he predicted the near future some of which has already happened i.e the civil war in Egypt. Via CBN: Learn about what is happening in front of your eyes by acquiring “God’s War on Terror and End Times package for only $79.95 normally 109.95”.

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Angry, Brainwashed Irishman cusses out Israeli Speaker; Displays no Tolerance

The scene is the National University of Ireland (NUI). The angry, irrational, and brainwashed man in the audience – who may have a case of Tourette’s Syndrome as well – is cussing at an Israeli speaker to get off the campus. Keep in mind that the angry Irishman represents a contingent of Palestinian supporters who […]

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Malaysia Airlines Plane Crash Could Be Due To Islamic Terrorism

EXCLUSIVE By Theodore Shoebat While a Malaysia Airlines airplane is still missing, the culprits have yet to be announced. The airplane went completely off the radar without any emergency call or mayday signal, and there was no sign of dangerous weather, which leads one to suspect terrorism. Another indication to this suspicion is the fact […]

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Muslims Murder Women For Not Wearing Hijab

By Theodore Shoebat Muslim jihadists have taken over city of Raqqa, in Syria, and are now subjugating the population to Sharia code. They have executed several women for not wearing the hijab, as one Syrian native said: There have been whippings of women because of this. Some women have even been executed. It’s become a […]

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