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Muslims Blow Up Eight People With Vicious Bomb

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Libya detonated a bomb in Benghazi, killing at least eight people and wounding more than a dozen. According to one writer: A first bomb exploded at the front gate of the academy as soldiers were leaving a graduation ceremony, security officials said. Several cars parked outside exploded. One or two […]

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Muslims Execute Christian Professor In His Car

By Theodore Shoebat A Christian medical school professor named Adison Karkha was found murdered in his car today. According to the agency LANA, he was stopped and executed on his way to work. According to Libyan military officers, jihadists in Libya have intensified their presence, which means that more Christian blood will be being shed. […]

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Malik Obama Scandal BLOWING UP in Egypt; U.S. Embassy behaving like Three Famous Monkeys

**SHOEBAT EXCLUSIVE** Recently, Dr. Sadek Raouf Ebeid, whose articles we have published in the past, appeared on a prominent Egyptian television program for nearly 20 minutes to discuss the case of Malik Obama. While there has essentially been both a mainstream and conservative media blackout in America on this scandal, it has captured the attention […]

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State Dept Spokesman touts ‘Dialogue’ with Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood

Even Saudi Arabia has identified the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. That doesn’t stop the Obama administration from continuing to engage the group around the world. Brotherhood front groups in the U.S. have never been more powerful or brazen and Egypt’s branch continues to remain in good standing with the U.S. State Department. Here […]

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State of Virginia Honors Mosque led by Anwar al-Awlaki, attended by Nidal Malik Hasan and 9/11 Hijackers

As the Fort Hood shooting victims remain without Purple Hearts and other benefits afforded to soldiers who were killed or wounded in war, the mosque led by the man who inspired their murderer is being honored. A mere thirteen years after the worst attack on U.S. soil, a mosque attended by more than one of […]

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Arab Israelis Up in Arms over Christian Priest’s successful movement to Integrate Christians into IDF

You can always tell when your opposition is feeling truly threatened – when it vehemently objects to your actions. This is happening in Israel. An increase in the number of Christians joining the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) has Israeli Arab politicians up in arms. Father Gabriel Nadaf, a leader of the movement to help unite […]

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