Archive | March 14, 2014

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 Hijacked or Sabotaged by Terrorists

Just as we predicted on the 10th regarding the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 had the signature of a terrorist operation. We stated “Malaysia Airlines Plane Crash Could Be Due To Islamic Terrorism”. Now the news is out, the flight ‘may have been deliberately flown west’ Military radar-trafficking evidence now suggests flight MH370 may […]

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John Kerry’s Plans to Destroy Israel But God Has an Answer

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) Secretary of State John Kerry told members of Congress on Thursday that international law already declares Israel a Jewish state, and called Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu’s insistence on a public declaration of Israel’s Jewish character from the Palestinians “a mistake” in the diplomatic process. Kerry capitulated to Palestinian Authority demands […]

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Savage Mob Captures Nun, Rapes Her, And Then Parades Her Through The Streets

By Theodore Shoebat A savage mob in India angrily entered a certain house and seized a nun who was in hiding, dragged her outside where three Hindu heathens raped and molested her, and then paraded her naked through the streets. As one journalist writes: The 29-year-old Catholic nun was attacked by a mob and raped […]

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Islamists Plan To Commit Major Genocide Of Christians

EXCLUSIVE By Kamil Toume Islamists are planning on committing a major genocide on Christians. How do we know this? History is a portal into the future. The Muslims committed one of the greatest genocides on Christians in history: The Armenian Genocide. The Armenians, a Christian group, had lived in the rugged mountain region of eastern […]

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Muslims Annihilate 106 People In Brutal Massacre

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims butchered countless people, killing as many as 106. The Muslims entered villages in Nigeria’s northwestern Katsina State where they committed this major massacre. One local said: The gunmen who rode on motorcycles invaded many villages leaving more than 100 people dead … people were killed in my home town while numerous […]

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