Russia Is Getting Tougher On Islam, While America Opens Its Arms For Violent Muslims Who Kill Christians

By Theodore Shoebat

Russia is getting tougher on Islam, while America opens its arms to violent Muslims who are the enemies of Christians and Christianity.

The is being made more and more obvious in the current legislation of Russia. Russia banned the Islamic organization of Hizb ut-tahrir, and they will now be outlawing the same group in Crimea.

Crimea’s deputy prime minister Rustam Temirgaliyev, made this statement on the outlawing of the group in Crimea:

This organization is banned in Russia and should therefore be banned in Crimea as well

Hizb ut-tahrir has been active amongst Muslims in Crimea for over a decade, and the same group holds a great animosity and special hatred towards Russia, not just because it supports the Assad Regime that is killing jihadists, but because Russia has been fighting against Islam for centuries (specifically against the Islamic Ottoman Empire).

In 2013, Ismail Al-Wahwah, Spokesman of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Australia, vowed that Muslims will charge into Moscow and execute revenge on Russia for its war against Islam, both past and present:

Russia knows that Muslims will knock on their doors in Moscow. They know that the armed army will knock on their doors in Moscow again. Thats why Russia is doing this big job (of supporting Al-Assad), not only because America is giving them the green light, but because they have their own interest – not to allow Islam to come back. Russia was at war with Islam for years and years. They know what Islam is. They know at what risk they are. They know how brave the Muslims are in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, everywhere in that whole area, Fergana Valley. They know whats going on. They know that the Muslims are waiting for their time to take revenge.

Here is the video of this Muslim declaring war on Russia:

There is much truth to what this heretic says: Russia has been at war with Islam for centuries; Russia knows what Islam is, and they know the risk. Thus why they are banning Hizb ut-tahrir. has written several articles on how Russia is getting tougher on Islam. Last year in December we wrote on how the building of mosques in Moscow was banned.

Within the same month and year, wrote on how Russia’s national security had begun tightening security on Muslims as a result of the bombings in Sochi.

In January of this year, wrote on how the Russian Orthodox Church was calling for a ban on Islamic fundamentalism and radicalism.

Within that same month, reported on how Russia placed a ban on Islamic fundamentalist literature.

And now Hizb ut-tahrir is getting banned in Crimea, just as it was outlawed in Russia. Expect Russia, with the drive and support of the Russian Church, to continue getting more strict on Islam.

Now thats compare this to how America has treated the terrorist organization of Hizb ut-tahrir in its own nation. In America, Hizb ut-tahrir is given the liberty to have their own website. Even though the group has made it known that their goal is to “combat infidels”, they are given the suffrage within the US, all in the name of “religious tolerance” and “religious liberty.”

The freedom given to the jihadist group of Hizb ut-tahrir to spit out its venomous views, is maintained by America regardless of the fact that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the 9/11 mastermind, and Abu Musab Zarqawi, the late leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq, were both members of their organization. In America, Hizb ut-tahrir is allowed to conduct conferences and events in universities and other venues.

While Russia is banning evil, America is not only licensing it, but supporting it, by giving freedom to Islam and aiding the jihad in Syria that is butchering countless Christians.



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