Russia Places Ban On Islamic Fundamentalist Literature

By Theodore Shoebat

The Russian government has placed a ban on 16 books written by the Islamic fundamentalist writer, Said Nursi, after they were evaluated and concluded that they “encouraged hatred and restricted the freedom of people who do not believe in Islam.”

It is reported that his books were in a suspect’s home in Kaliningrad, and Russian authorities seized the books and apprehended the owner of them.

Said Nursi was a Sufi Islamic ideologue who wrote in favor of Islamic supremacy. The Russian Orthodox, being Christians who aspire to see the restoration of the Hagia Sophia Church into Christian hands from Islamic power, would expectingly place a proscription in such dangerous literature. Thus this is not surprising.

God bless Russia for this measure. This is true Christian militancy, and we are going to see more of it. This is why we need to learn more about this other side of Christianity that has been almost forgotten in the West. Get our new DVD series on Christian militancy.

Also, please do not forget your brethren in the Muslim World, who are being butchered every day by Muslims. Donate now and save Christian lives.


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