MSNBC’s Liberals having real problem with Benghazi

Is there a scandal out there that’s too big for the mainstream media to ignore? If so, Benghazi may be in the running thanks to the ‘smoking gun’ email released earlier this week. Two excerpts from two separate MSNBC (Obama’s ventriloquist dummy network) coupled with an irritated Nancy Pelosi show that Benghazi ain’t going away.

Just before the 5:00 mark, Joe Scarborough asks far left liberal Donny Deutsch to explain Carney’s ‘doublespeak’ in response to the ‘smoking gun’ email that was released earlier this week. Instead of doing so, Deutsch actually says that Republicans would be foolish to ‘bite’ on the Benghazi scandal this election year. Scarborough’s subsequent outrage and complete shredding of Deutsch isn’t about the validity of such a claim. It’s about why Deutsch can’t talk about the administration covering up a scandal that has been screaming for media attention since the attack.

In fact, to completely debunk Deutsch’s logic, if he were right about Benghazi being a loser for Republicans in 2014, he’d be advocating for even more media coverage. To further torpedo Deutsch’s argument, the POLITICO has quoted House Democrat Minority leader Nancy Pelosi as saying the following:

If you want to watch a liberal get exposed, just watch (fireworks start around 5:00 mark):

h/t Hot Air

As further evidence of Deutsch’s absurd argument that Benghazi is a loser for Republicans in 2014, just watch House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi trying not to talk about it. If Benghazi was such a loser for Republicans, the left should be talking about it 24/7, right Nancy?

On another MSNBC show, liberal hostess Alex Wagner admitted there might be something to the Benghazi scandal:


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