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GOOD NEWS: Liberals Are Finally Having to Admit that Islam Is a Violent, Evil Religion

Dr. Bill Warner, a physicist with a PhD in both mathematics and physics, makes the compelling case that the mainstream media and leftist leaders are successfully being dragged, kicking and screaming, to reality. For example, he contrasts what the mainstream media said about ‘Jihad’ after 9/11 vs. what it says today. The message here is […]

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Muslim Students Who Were Shot Dead by Atheist, Pro-Gay Marriage Liberal Were Members of Muslim Brotherhood Front Group

We already know that the shooter of three Muslim students in Chapel Hill shares more in common with Timothy McVeigh than with any of those right-wing, conservative, Tea Party, Christian types but how about the shooting victims? It turns out the male victim expressed a good dose of anti-Semitism in his tweets. He also appears […]

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Lucifer Always Loses And His Followers Always Lose their Minds

Lucifer always loses, even though so many on the left think he’s invincible. His liberal followers could use an anthem that perfectly illustrates their modus operandi. It’s a mentality that places ends above means; it allows selfishness to trump selflessness; it allows the violation of every Commandment (the ten given to Moses and the two […]

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Far Left-Wing Atheist Comedian Being Rejected by Far Left-Wing Liberals for Criticizing Islam

Liberals are tolerant when it comes to every splinter group under the liberal umbrella but if you’re a liberal who criticizes one of those groups, you risk becoming the victim of  a significant amount of intolerance. Such is the case with far left-wing liberal atheist comedian Bill Maher, who is currently being ostracized by far […]

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Islam’s Useful Liberal Idiots Continue to Walk the Plank with Pleasure

When it comes to liberals in today’s America, the manufactured politicization of race is the lifeblood of their sick, twisted ideology. In fact, it’s actually prioritized over their own self-preservation as is clearly demonstrated by those who insisted Thomas Eric Duncan died of Ebola because he was black instead of demanding that the border be […]

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Liberal Actress Famous for Playing Vampire has Bleeding Heart for Merciless Muslim Terrorist Savages

Hollywood actress Kristen Stewart is perhaps best known for her role as a vampire in the Twilight movies. It’s only fitting that in real life, she would have a bleeding heart for terrorists and disrespect for the U.S. military. In an interview with the Daily Beast, Stewart talks about her new movie, Camp X-Ray, in […]

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Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamic State Beheads Liberals Too

The beheading of any American should send every American into orbit from outrage. That includes the beheading of James Foley. What must be made known, however, is that evidence suggests Foley was sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood’s cause and may have been a liberal. If that’s true, why would ISIS behead him? The answer is […]

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MSNBC’s Liberals having real problem with Benghazi

Is there a scandal out there that’s too big for the mainstream media to ignore? If so, Benghazi may be in the running thanks to the ‘smoking gun’ email released earlier this week. Two excerpts from two separate MSNBC (Obama’s ventriloquist dummy network) coupled with an irritated Nancy Pelosi show that Benghazi ain’t going away. […]

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Anders Breivik Says He’s Against Islam In Order To Get Media To Attack Walid Shoebat

Finally, the truth is revealed behind the intentions of Anders Breivik, the killer who slaughtered over 70 people in Norway. He initially said that he was influenced by Walid Shoebat and other counterjihadists, but now has confessed that he purposely referenced to the material of the counterjihadists in order to pit the media against Walid […]

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Video: Atheist Comedian Bill Maher says ‘Conservative’ Islam is the problem, not Muslims

Liberals are indeed enigmas. During an interview with Saudi Arabian filmmaker Haifaa al Mansour, Bill Maher slams liberals for not understanding that the ideology of Islam is the problem, not the Muslim people who follow it. Perhaps truer words have never been spoken but as Maher was nailing the truth from one side of his […]

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Epic Liberal Smackdown on Islamic Terrorism

This is an outstanding juxtaposition of the liberal view of Islam after the Boston marathon bombings and the conservative view. The host, Michael Coren is a host who isn’t concerned with being perceived as being neutral because the liberal position is fast becoming completely untenable. His two guests are the very liberal Marianne Meed Ward, […]

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Leonard Pitts the latest Huma Abedin defender?

In a column by far left-wing writer Leonard Pitts, he bemoaned the conservative wing of the Republican Party in general and had the following to say about Rep. Michele Bachmann in particular: Via the Miami Herald: Then there is Bobby Jindal. The Louisiana governor, widely considered a rising star of the GOP has, since the […]

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Video: Liberal Filmmaker sees the real Islam; wakes up

These kinds of stories are very refreshing but exceedingly rare. It isn’t often that leftists come face to face with the truth and admit they were wrong but it does happen occasionally. The latest example comes courtesy of liberal filmmaker Erick Allen Bell. Bell went to Tennessee to do a documentary about how right-wing extremists […]

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