If Muslims Take Power, They Will Make The Lives Of Christians Into A Living Hell

By Theodore Shoebat 

If Muslims ever take power, they will make the lives of Christians into a living hell. That is a guarantee. How are we so certain of this? Just look to Pakistan where Islamic jurisprudence is the governing system over the people, and you will see my point.

Every Christian living under Islamic tyranny in Pakistan can attest to this. Their lives are a living hell under the Muslims. Rifqat Masih is a Christian from Pakistan and his testimony is amongst the greatest evidences for this reality. He and his family were attacked, and were sent life threatening letters from the Taliban which stated that they had to convert to Islam. Rifqat was attacked by Muslim gangs who beat him and oppressed him.

The evil of the Muslims was so great that when he and his family left their home, the jihadists would follow them around, keeping track of their movements, and not only this, but his three sons and one daughter were prevented from going to school for two years because of this wicked conspiring toward Christians.

Rifqat Masih recounted how he was told by three Islamic religious leaders (called Moulanas or Mullahs) that if he and his family did not convert to Islam they would be killed:

Initially three Moulanas who belong to Taliban approached us and threatened [us] to accept Islam otherwise they will kill us.

But Rifqat was not utterly hopeless; for our organization, Rescue Christians, delivered him from his tormenters and sent him to Thailand, where we have established a new refuge center for persecuted Christians. We will soon be uniting the rest of his family with him.

Here is a video of Rifqqat recalling the living hell he and his family had to endure, and how Rescue Christians delivered him from Muslim tyranny:

Having set up in Thailand a new hiding place, we will be rescuing more people. But we cannot do so without your help. Please click here to make a donation to save more Christians from this tyranny.

Our partners in Pakistan and Asia have secured permanent status in Thailand from the Thai authorities for the Rescue Christian operation to service the needs of Christians who are need of sanctuary and aid. Thailand is a secular moderate country that is against all religious extremism and has granted permanent status to our team leader and we expect along with the cooperation of the churches and their leaders to have permanent status for Christian fellowship to be used as a community center and safe haven for genuine persecuted Christian victims within them next two weeks.

In Thailand there are over eight thousand Pakistani Christians with no more than a few hundred who are actual genuine cases of persecution. We have been negotiating with the UNHCR based on our expertise on the ground in Pakistan as well as our comprehensive vetting process to weed out the genuine cases from the fraudulent ones. This will help the UNHCR to grant speedy refugee status to the real victims as well as rid Thailand of the fake cases, which are a major impediment to the real problem of the persecuted as well as a major nuisance to the Thai authorities. The churches in Thailand are also plagued with fraudsters begging from them, but they are not victims at all and should be returned to Pakistan as they came to Thailand on a false premise of “persecution.”

Even in Pakistan we have to deal with unscrupulous people who use the victims as pawns as a way of generating income. We have previously reported on the Vulture Bishops. The recent case of the rape of a 7 year old Christian girl was presented to us by an extortionist, the case was genuine but this low life demanded money from us to offer the case to us in order to provide help. We rejected this attempted extortion and we were able to contact the family directly ourselves who were relieved to be able to receive our aid. We will report more on this case next week as full details come to light on what we need to do to help the family. This is an especially horrific case.

Rescue Christians works with its team of partners on the ground in Pakistan, in two years we have saved or helped over 1000 persecuted Christians, please donate so we can save thousands more. Your donation is fully tax deductible


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