Unbelievably Sad Video Shows A Line Of Martyred Christians With Weeping Loved Ones (The Liberals Definitely Do NOT Want You To See This)

By Theodore Shoebat

A line of Christian corpses, killed by Buddhists

A line of Christian corpses, killed by Buddhists

Here is a video revealing a line of Christian corpses with their loved ones desperately weeping for them. Who killed them? Not Muslims, but Buddhists (the liberals who love Buddhism definitely don’t want you to see this)

Buddhism is just as violent as Islam, and many people seem not to ever think about this. It is considered politically incorrect to attack Buddhism, but we must begin exposing this evil religion. Within Buddhist thought, there is the term used for people who are enemies of the Buddha, called icchantikas. As an illustration, this term would be the equivalent to the Islamic kafir when describing infidels.

According to Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen Buddhism, it is permissible to kill an icchantikas:

By doing the opposite of what he intended, such people blaspheme the Buddha. Killing them would not be wrong. The sutras say, “Since icchantikas are incapable of belief, killing them would be blameless, whereas people who believe reach the state of buddhahood.” (Bohidharma, Wake-up Sermon, p. 37, trans. Red Pine)

Vimaladhajja, a Buddhist monk who ministers to the military in Sri Lanka, where these killings took place, wrote a Buddhist poem in praise of the Buddhist warrior king Dutugamunu, to justify the killing of Buddhism’s enemies,

Dutugamunu, the lord of men, fought a great war. He killed people in order to save the religion. He united the pure Sri Lanka and received comfort from that in the end (Quoted in Daniel W. Kent, Onward Buddhist Soldiers: Preaching to the Sri Lankan Army, in Michael K. Jerryson and Mark Juergensmeyer, Buddhist Warfare, essay 7, p. 169)

Buddhism is an antichrist religion, an enemy to Christianity, and a great persecuted of the Church. It was the spiritual foundation for the Imperial Japanese Empire (for all those who think that it was just Shinto, read the book, Zen At War, by Victoria) and it will play a role in the future in the next world war.

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