The Muslim Antichrist Is Coming To Destroy Christianity, And Christendom Will Arise To Destroy Him

By Theodore Shoebat

The Muslim Antichrist is coming soon, to destroy Christianity, and Christendom will arise to destroy him. This Antichrist will come from Turkey, not Iran or the New World Order.

Stop focusing On Iran as though it will be the nation of Antichrist. We must focus on Turkey as the main enemy. This is not to say that Iran will not be a threat, it will, but it will be under a Turkish power.

How do we know this? Because within Oriental history, this is what took place, and history is the gateway into the future.

Iran looks as though it will become the major head of the Beast, but the same seemed to be true in the 11th Century, in which the Persians dominated the East. But, then a new people arose and obliterated the Iranian power. These were the Seljuk Turks, an Altaic race of heathens who converted to Islam in the mid-10th Century, and forged the first Turkish Islamic empire in history. (1)

Seljuk Turk

Seljuk Turk

The Shiite Persians in the Middle Ages, under the Buyid Dynasty, ruled Iraq and Iran, while Egypt and parts of Syria, specifically Allepo and Damascus, were ruled by the very powerful Shiite Fatamids. Similar to today you have a confident Shiite Iran whose power is overshadowing Iraq, and Syria being ruled by the Shiite Bashar al-Assad. Just as in the early Middle Ages, the Shiites are appearing to be dominant. But Shiite domination in the Medieval East was all about to end at the sword of the Turk. In the 1030s, the Turks, under the great Seljuk warrior, Tughril, defeated the Persians.

In 1055 Tughril and his horde of Turks took Baghdad, (2) thus ending Shiite power in Iraq, or in the words of Edward Gibbon,

the scepter of Irak passed from the Persian to the Turkish nation. (3)

Within the 1070s they took Aleppo and Damascus. (4) The Sunnis in the Middle East embraced the Turks as the defenders of Sunni Islam and the scourge that would cease Shiite power. As historian S. Frederick Starr writes:

Sunni leaders in Central Asia and Iran greeted the Seljuks, who were safely mainstream Sunnis, as the power that would drive the Shiite dynasties into oblivion (5)

Just as the Turks replaced and overpowered the Shiite power in the Middle Ages, so it will do the same in our own time. Turkey will eventually control Persia, Syria and Egypt, just as they took control of these very countries in the past. Even though, within the span of Islamic history, power fluctuated back and forth, going from Shiite and Sunni and vice-versa, the most powerful Islamic empire ultimately was forged by the Ottoman Turks, who were really no different than their Seljuk predecessors.

Moreover, in the year 1070, the spiritual center for the entire Muslim world, Mecca, stopped declaring their pilgrimage sight in the name of the once powerful Shiites, instead they began to declare Mecca in the name of Alp Arslan, the sultan of the Seljuk who, at that time, was fighting the Christian Byzantium Empire. (6)

Alp Arslan

Alp Arslan

In the year 1071, when Alp Arslan was fighting against the Byzantine emperor Romanos, in what would be amongst the most decisive battles in history, the Battle of Manizkert, it was ordered that a prayer be said in every mosque of the Sunni world, for the victory of the Muslims over the Christians. In this prayer Alp Arslan was praised with terms of extreme adoration, describing the sultan as a messiah figure:

Grant the sultan Alp Arslan, the Proof of the Commander of the Faithful, the help by which his banners are illuminated… Cause his troops to be helped by Your angels and his decisions to be crowned with good fortune and a happy outcome. (7)

Alp Arslan stepping over the defeated emperor Romanos

Alp Arslan stepping over the defeated emperor Romanos

Most interestingly, such adoration is reminiscent to how Erdogan, the current leader of Turkey, was praised with the following song on the day of his victory in the elections:

His word is straight. He has no hypocrisy. He is a nightmare. In the dreams of evil doers. He walks the path of what he believes. He is the awaited leader. Rajab (Recep) Tayyib Erdogan. He walks the path of what he believes. He is the awaited leader. Rajab (Recep) Tayyib Erdogan

Erdogan wants to be the next Alp Arslan, and this desire is indicated by his recent actions. For example, in a 2012 conference Erdogan urged Turkish Muslim youths to not only look to 2023 as the year in which Turkey will be a “great nation, a great power”, but also 2071, representing the anniversary year for the Battle of Manzikert in 1071, in which Alp Arslan defeated the Christian Byzantine Empire.

Furthermore, in the same conference, Erdogan attired himself in the traditional white Islamic robes, purposely emulating Alp Arslan when he wore white in the Battle of Manzikert and told his soldiers:

Here is not a sultan commanding, nor an army being commanded, for today I am only one of you a ghazi [Muslim warrior] with you. He who follows me and gives himself to God Most High, he will gain Paradise and booty. He who goes away, the Fire [of Hell] and ignominy are obligatory for him. (8)

In this speech Alp Arslan is depicting himself as a messiah, dictating that those who follow him and fight were to have salvation. Alp was most definitely an antichrist, and Erdogan, in our own time, had “gone to politicize wearing his white robes, just like the Seljuk Sultan Alp Arslan had worn his shroud!”

With such signs of emulation, it is obvious as to the ultimate aspiration of Turkey: destroy Christendom, destroy Christianity, break the Holy Cross and replace it with the crescent idol of Islam.

This is the reason as to why Erdogan’s party plans to make the Hagia Sofia Church in Istanbul (really Constantinople) into a mosque in the afternoon and evening, during which all of the Christian iconography would have to be hidden under darkness. Erdogan wants to pray in the church before the August elections, possibly on May 29, the day in which Turks fully vanquished Constantinople, a few days after which the sultan Mehmet II forced the church into a mosque and had an imam pray in it as a way to desecrate its holiness and announce victory over Christianity. All of Erdogan’s measures and plans are anti-Christian.

Therefore, just as Erdogan wants to be another Alp Arslan, he also wants to be another Mehmet II, the sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

Erdogan, thus, wants to revive the Ottoman Empire. Just as the Turks overpowered the Persians and the other Shiite powers, the Turks will do the same in our own times. What happened a little time after the Battle of Manzikert? The Crusades. And in the First Crusade the Christians had to fight not just Turks, but Persians, Syrians, and the whole of the Muslim World. So under the revived Turkish empire that is coming, the Muslim world, both Sunni and Shiite, will be united against Christendom. And so will we have a New Crusade after the revival of the Turks. Christendom will have to arise, and the Sword of Justice, which is the spirit of the Christian warrior, will cut asunder the scimitar of Antichrist.



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