Countless Muslims Get Thrown Into Cages (A Sight Every American Wants To SEE)

By Walid Shoebat

Every American who is frustrated with Muslims rarble-rousing, troublemaking, terrorizing and simply are annoying would probably like to see where such folks belong in this video we just obtained from our Middle Eastern sources:

You must love watching the youtube video of Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood defendants all dressed in white looking like turkeys walking roundabout in a cage still complaining.

The turkeys were on trial over violence during 2013 Alexandria clashes in Sidi Gaber neighborhood, in Alexandria, coastal city of Egypt, on May 19, 2014.

An Egyptian court had sentenced one turkey who supported the ousted president Mohamed Morsi to death and 18 other turkeys to life imprisonment and 10 other turkeys over violence and murder charges in reaction to Morsi’s removal last year.

Perhaps Americans can learn from Egypt on how to farm turkeys. In American the authorities insist that turkeys should be raised organically and roam free.

We visited these turkeys and spoke to them. Here, see their reaction:

English Translation, the turkeys said: “We want to be martyrs and we can’t wait till Thanksgiving”.

It is interesting to see


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