Hamas Orders Civilians to Stay in Homes Israel Warned would be Bombed

Hamas spokesman Ami Abu Zuhri defended the use of civilians as human shields. In a rant rife with twisted logic, Zuhri likened what’s going on in Gaza today with what happened in Algerian in the 1940’s.

Zuhri then confessed that Hamas is “leading (Palestinians) to death” before catching himself and switched to “confrontation”. According to reports, polls suggest this message was intended for Palestinians who are wanting to accept the ceasefire Egypt has negotiated with Israel.

According to PMW, Hamas is ordering civilians in northern Gaza who had leaflets dropped on them by the Israelis, to stay in their homes. The leaflets instructed residents that the area would be heavily bombed and told them to leave.

Based on the words of this Hamas spokesman, those residents should sit tight and take solace in the fact that they’re dying like Algerians did more than half a century ago.

Comforting, isn’t it?


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