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Muslims Attack 1800 Year Old Christian Church, And Completely Burn It Down And Destroy It

SHOEBAT EXCLUSIVE By Walid Shoebat and Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Mosul, Iraq, burned and destroyed a 1800 year old Catholic church. Informed sources said that the organization of the so-called Islamic State in Mosul, “Daash” had completely burned down the Syriac Catholic Diocese in Mosul, the sources said that the organization has burned the archdiocese, […]

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Muslims Commit Bloody Executions (VIDEO)

SHOEBAT EXCLUSIVE By Theodore Shoebat A video of bloody executions being done by Muslims from the ISIS near the Iraq Saudi border was obtained by In the video, the men were stopped at the highway and were made to get out of their vehicles. Then they are forced to confess that they were “Shurtat […]

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Jewish Comedian Jon Stewart Mocks Israel and Defends Palestinians over Gaza

Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart is a liberal Jew who would rather mock Israel in its fight with Hamas than support Israel. As is far too often the case, most liberal Jews don’t like Israel very much; a majority of them voted for Barack Obama… twice. Israel has gone to great lengths to give Palestinians who […]

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Muslims Enter Catholic Church, See A Statue Of The Virgin Mary, Call It An Idol And Destroy It

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Iraq entered a Catholic church in Iraq, and when they saw a statue of the Virgin Mary they destroyed it because they deemed it an idol. As we read from one report: The militants also removed the cross from St. Ephrem’s Cathedral, the seat of the Syriac Orthodox archdiocese in […]

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Muslims Crucify Two Innocent Teenagers Infront of Their Parents And Put It On Video (Must Watch)

  The Islamic Caliphate (ISIS) continues its campaigns penalizing almost daily the people of the areas controlled by inside Syrian territory. The most recent was two days ago in the city of Manbej located in Aleppo, where ISIS broadcast organization has posted a video of one of the “conquests”; the execution of the two, then crucify them in front […]

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Muslims Make MAJOR SLAUGHTER, Taking 270 Innocent Lives And Filmed The Carnage (See Video)

By Theodore Shoebat A new report has recently come out revealing that Muslims, all members of ISIS, made a major slaughter at the al Shaer gas field in Homs province, Syrian, killing 270 innocent lives including national guard members, security guards and employees, after storming and seizing the al Shaer gas field in Homs province […]

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The Islamic Caliphate in Iraq gives Christians One Day to Leave Or Get Their Heads Chopped Off

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) As we have reported, the ISIS (Islamic Caliphate) gave Iraqi Christians in Mosul one day to leave or face death by beheading if they failed to follow two conditions, convert to Islam or pay the Jizziyeh Tax. Currently, fear and terror has began to permeate the Christian community as the […]

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