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Christ Is Coming Soon, To Lead The Last Crusade And Finally Destroy The Muslims And Islam For Good

SHOEBAT EXCLUSIVE By Walid Shoebat and Theodore Shoebat “The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion.” (Proverbs 28:1) A great Christian militia has arisen out of the deathly depths of Mosul. Guided by the Spirit, and governed under the eyes of the holy law engraved upon their hearts, […]

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Hillary and Pelosi Publicly Defend Hamas

There is a mantra among the left that Israel and Hamas are equally to blame when it comes to the fighting in Gaza right now. There is one simple explanation for that position; such individuals want to support Hamas but cannot do so for political reasons. There is no other explanation. After all, Hamas is […]

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An Obama “Blast” From The Past By Varda Epstein I am in the U.S. on business, touring children’s summer camps sponsored by the nonprofit I work for, Kars4Kids. At least my physical presence is here. My heart, on the other hand, is in Israel, where my beloved country is at war and where my son has been called up to […]

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Muslims Slaughter 32 Innocent People, Taking Their Victims And Hacking Them To Death

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Nigeria entered the state of Adamawa on Sunday, where both Christians and Muslims live, and did a bloody slaughter of about 32 people. Many of the victims were seized and hacked to death. Sodangi Kobe, a local resident in the area, revealed this sanguinary and most diabolical attack: Some of […]

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Hamas Protesters in Miami Express Solidarity with Obama’s Brother

Hamas has infiltrated the United States. In a video shot by a United West cameraman in downtown Miami, FL across the street from the Israeli consulate, protesters shouted ‘We are Hamas’. Throughout this video, the cameraman had to ward off protesters by telling them they would go to jail if he was touched. When watching […]

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Republican Benghazi Select Committee should Depose is Distancing himself from ‘Deteriorating’ Situation in Libya

A man who should be a major focus of the House Select Committee on Benghazi is Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI), Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. As reported recently, one way for the Committee to demonstrate it’s not partisan would be to depose Rogers and ask him some very tough questions. Last week, Rogers […]

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Egypt Standing with Israel against Hamas and Turkey

As the international community at large attempts to end the fighting between Israel and Hamas based on moral equivalency, Egypt and Turkey are both taking sides. Egypt, under General Abdel Fatah el-Sisi, is joining Israel in attempting to destroy the terrorist tunnel systems under Gaza’s borders with the two countries. Turkey is hinting at launching […]

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Somalian jihadist group Al-Shabab calls for attacks on Jewish targets worldwide

From Jerusalem Post An Al-Shabab Al-Mujahideen spokesman delivered a sermon in a Barawa mosque in Somalia on Sunday calling upon Muslims to attack Jewish targets everywhere, according to a report provided exclusively to The Jerusalem Post by the Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor of MEMRI (the Middle East Media Research Institute). Speaking about the conflict […]

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Muslims Want To Do Another Holocaust On Christians, And They Will Succeed

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims want to do another holocaust of Christians, and they will succeed, just as they did in the Armenian Genocide, the genocide of the Assyrian Christians, the Chaldean Christians, and all of the Christians who were slaughtered by Islamic regimes. Dr. Sebastian Gorka has recently made some prudent, yet harrowing statements of […]

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