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Reagan Republican Honors Ground Zero Mosque Imam

By Ben Barrack **SHOEBAT EXCLUSIVE** President Ronald Reagan’s former National Security Advisor Robert McFarlane recently honored Ground Zero mosque imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, tainting his former boss’s legacy in so doing. Making matters worse is that Abubaker Y. Ahmed Al Shingieti, the Vice President of the organization that hosted the event was for years a […]

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Muslims Attack Christians And Bulldoze Church, Christians Respond And Say, “Even if they destroy this church building, our God is still good all the time,”

By Theodore Shoebat The Muslim government of North Sudan, under Obama’s friend and family associate Omar al-Bashir, bulldozed a church, leveling it to the ground. A member of the church had this to say about the destruction of his church: Even if they destroy this church building, our God is still good all the time… […]

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Stupid Senator McCain Attempts To Clean Up His Mess And Salvage The Syrian Revolution

By Walid Shoebat Amid a threat from fragmented Free Syrian Army rebels that they will lay down their arms in a week if they do not receive aid in the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), prompted U.S. Senator John McCain to meet with members of the Syrian opposition in […]

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Michele Bachmann introducing Legislation to Label Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Organization

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), known for calling out Muslim Brotherhood infiltration in the past and being rebuked by members of her own Party for doing so, will be introducing a bill to identify the group as a terrorist organization. Said Bachmann: I’m working on legislation to do exactly that. I’ll be introducing the bill very […]

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Muslims Declare “Sexual Jihad,” Enter The Home Of Christian Family, Take The Mother And Her Daughter, And Then Three Muslims Gang Rape Them In Front Of Her Husband

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Iraq who are members of ISIS, are conducting what they call a Jihad marriage, also known as “sexual jihad,” and in so doing have been entering random homes, pulling out the women and raping them. They entered the home of a Christian family and demanded they pay the Islamic tax. […]

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Why Neither Party will COME CLEAN about Muslim Brotherhood INFILTRATION

By Ben Barrack Nearly six years after 9/11, Lois Lerner – under the George W. Bush administration – granted CAIR, a Muslim Brotherhood front group, 501(c)(3) status. Four years later, Lerner granted expeditious and illegally retroactive 501(c)(3) status to a foundation whose President is connected to a State Sponsor of Terrorism and also happens to […]

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Stealth Jihadist says Caliphate a “Silly” Notion

Parvez Ahmed, the former national chairman of CAIR, a stealth jihadist organization masquerading as a civil rights group, is distancing himself from the claims of an Islamic caliphate by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). One of the many problems with Ahmed’s credibility on such a topic […]

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Muslims Make A Official Declaration That They Will Invade The Vatican

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims made an official declaration that they will invade the Vatican. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS, made the statement, saying: So take up arms, take up arms, O soldiers of the Islamic State! And fight, fight… So raise your ambitions, O soldiers of the Islamic State! For your brothers all […]

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The Current Genocide Of Christians That Obama Doesn’t Want You To Know

By Theodore Shoebat There is a current genocide of Christians that Obama doesn’t want you know about. Its happening in Iraq where the Christian population is on the brink of extinction and being completely driven out or killed. Chaldean Catholic Patriarch Louis Raphael I Sako of Baghdad said: This is very serious. We are losing […]

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Why Christians Should Never Trust Muslims

SHOEBAT EXCLUSIVE By Farrouk Saif and Theodore Shoebat The constitution of a nation is not whats written on paper, but what is written on the hearts of the people. We argue over written laws and state declarations, as though the people will change overnight at the movement of a pen, without ever regarding the internal […]

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