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Muslims Force Christians To Pay $450 Tax If They Want To Live

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Iraq, members of ISIS, are now forcing Christians to pay a $450 tax, with refusal to pay being the death penalty. The Muslim injunction is part of the initial command from ISIS that stated: After informing the heads of the Christians and their followers regarding the date of meeting to […]

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Muslims Declare War Against Catholicism, And Attack Priests And Monks, Forcing Them To Leave Immediately

By Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) Muslims in Iraq have declared war against Catholicism, attacking monks and priests and forcing them to leave immediately. They forced monks and priests to leave the beautiful monastery of Deir Behnam. The history of the monastery of Deir Behnam goes back to the fourth century AD and […]

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Muslims Force The Last Living Christian In Mosul To Leave, ENDING 2000 YEARS OF CHRISTIANITY IN THE AREA

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims, all members of ISIS, forced the last living Christian in Mosul to leave, ending 2000 years of Christianity in the city. It was St. Peter who gives us the oldest reference to the church in Iraq, when he wrote: The church that is at Babylon, elected together with you, saluteth you; […]

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Sympathy for Hamas is Sympathy for the Devil

The Obama administration is showing sympathy for the devil by showing sympathy for Palestinians while holding Israel responsible for deaths caused by Hamas. There is a despicably concerted effort on the part of Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry to clamor for a ceasefire in the name of moral equivalency. Israel has provided […]

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Muslims Charge Against Christianity, And Slaughter 150 Christians In Demonic Frenzy

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Nigeria went on the attack against Christianity, and slaughtered 150 Christians in a demonic frenzy, including their pastor. Many of the victims were taken away by the Muslims, and the pastor’s family has not been found since his death. A church member said: The family could have been abducted by […]

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Obama Commits Blood Libel by Blaming Israel for Palestinian Deaths

Often times, what’s NOT said says everything you need to know. Such was the case during a Barack Obama news conference earlier today. While announcing that Secretary of State John Kerry would be traveling to the region to help negotiate a ceasefire, Obama clearly implied that Israel was completely responsible for all Palestinian civilian deaths. […]

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Toddler Shoots Muslim Man at a Party

In the Middle East, it’s common practice to take guns to parties and weddings so that you can fire them in the air. It’s also somewhat common for children to be at parties. Naturally, the two don’t mix, especially after you put your gun down right next to a curious toddler who has just seen […]

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John Kerry and State Dept Caught Revealing Pro-Hamas Bias

Secretary of State John Kerry and his Under Secretary for public diplomacy and public affairs have both unintentionally revealed their pro-Hamas / anti-Israel position. During an appearance on a Sunday show, Kerry was caught on an open mic mocking Israel’s attempt to avoid civilian casualties with its strikes in Gaza. Here he is clearly impugning […]

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Watch Muslims Giving Allegiance to ANTICHRIST

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) While the naïve who read much western style sci-fi prophecy is awaiting some computer chips and barcodes to be embedded into right hands and foreheads, in the Muslim world they are already marking their foreheads and hands, even giving allegiance to some antichrist and they are also changing set times […]

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