Pro-Hamas Protester in Atlanta gets in Face of Pro-Israel Bystander and Tells him ‘Respect Yourself’

While filming a pro-Hamas protest in Atlanta – YES, ATLANTA – “Chad” was approached by an elderly Muslim man who saw him from the marching gaggle of protesters who apparently approve of terrorism. Shockingly, the man began pointing his finger in Chad’s face and telling him “F**K You and Israel” before ordering Chad to ‘respect (himself)’.

Picture and three words worth 10,003 words.

Picture and three words worth 10,003 words.

When watching an unhinged Pro-Hamas Palestinian ranting, you can always count on some bass-ackward logic. This exchange didn’t disappoint. While totally disrespecting Chad, the Hamas supporting Muslim told Chad to have some self-respect.

What self-respecting individual would completely disrespect an innocent individual by cursing him out, pushing him, and sticking a finger in his face whilst demanding that the person he’s bullying respect himself? Obviously, this Hamas-supporting streetwalker is the one without self-respect.

Welcome to Palestinian schizophrenia, when it makes sense to completely disrespect someone while demanding that person respect himself.

No wonder they’re so angry.

The only thing missing from this video is circus music.

Chad was interviewed by Tom Trento of United West about the incident. We’ve cued up the part of the video where Trento and Chad talk about what happened (14:00 mark). At the 15:33 mark, Trento shows the video of the incident:


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