John Kerry and State Dept Caught Revealing Pro-Hamas Bias

Secretary of State John Kerry and his Under Secretary for public diplomacy and public affairs have both unintentionally revealed their pro-Hamas / anti-Israel position. During an appearance on a Sunday show, Kerry was caught on an open mic mocking Israel’s attempt to avoid civilian casualties with its strikes in Gaza.

Here he is clearly impugning Israel’s claims that it is conducting a “pinpoint” operation:

Clearly lost on Kerry – no doubt, intentionally – is that the rockets launched into Israel are so antithetical to the concept of ‘pinpoint’ that they can’t even be discussed in the same conversation. To boot, Israel is doing more to protect Palestinians from harm than Hamas is.

Instead, Kerry sounds more like Jon Stewart, who mocked Israel’s attempts to warn Palestinians in similar fashion, as reported.

One day earlier, Under Secretary Rick Stengel sent out a tweet about the Malaysian airliner and included the #UnitedForGaza. Within 24 hours, Stengel deleted the tweet and sent out a new one claiming it was a mistake:


As PJM points out, prior to joining the State Department, Stengel was with TIME Magazine and was more open about his anti-Israeli bias, which would seem to indicate that the ‘mistake’ wasn’t as innocent as Stengel would have us believe.

Meanwhile, as the Obama State Department’s anti-Israel mask continues slipping, the Egyptian regime that replaced the Hamas parent Muslim Brotherhood regime of Mohammed Mursi is making it rather obvious that it supports Israel’s Gaza offensive.


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