Obama Commits Blood Libel by Blaming Israel for Palestinian Deaths

Often times, what’s NOT said says everything you need to know. Such was the case during a Barack Obama news conference earlier today. While announcing that Secretary of State John Kerry would be traveling to the region to help negotiate a ceasefire, Obama clearly implied that Israel was completely responsible for all Palestinian civilian deaths.

This is not only a lie but it is blood libel by omission. Israel has gone to tremendous lengths to avoid civilian deaths in Gaza. It has used social media, called mobile phones, sent texts, and dropped leaflets to warn people to leave areas and buildings where Hamas has positioned its rocket launchers.

As Shoebat.com has reported, it has been Hamas that has ordered those civilians to stay put, essentially signing their death warrants. Yet, Obama has unsurprisingly decided to libel Israel by making them responsible for all of those deaths.

The most heinous of atrocities in the fighting between Israel and Hamas have been committed by Hamas. Despite this, Obama has decided to pin those atrocities on Israel, who has been on the receiving end of random, indiscriminate rocket attacks from Gaza for years.

The moral equivalency in this instance is despicable and quite transparent.

During an appearance on ABC’s This Week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rightfully laid the mounting death toll at the feet of Hamas and then accused the terrorist organization of committing a “double war crime” by intentionally murdering innocent Israelis while doing the same with its own people.

This of course is the truth and by completely ignoring it in the interest of moral equivalency, Barack Obama committed a blood libel by omission:

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