Sympathy for Hamas is Sympathy for the Devil

The Obama administration is showing sympathy for the devil by showing sympathy for Palestinians while holding Israel responsible for deaths caused by Hamas. There is a despicably concerted effort on the part of Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry to clamor for a ceasefire in the name of moral equivalency.


Israel has provided the proof.

You can always tell when Israel is experiencing great success during its battles with Hamas when two things happen almost simultaneously. There is international pressure for a ceasefire and moral equivalency is in abundance; both Israel and Hamas are painted as being equally responsible for the deaths.

Thankfully, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) website is showing – in great detail – the despicable nature of Hamas’ actions when it comes to civilian deaths. The area of focus for Israel is the Shuja’iya neighborhood in Gaza City. It is from this neighborhood that Hamas has been launching a significant number of rockets. Shuja’iya also sits atop a system of terrorist tunnels used to smuggle weapons into Israel.

This residential neighborhood in Gaza City lies just over the border fence from Israel. Since Hamas’ ruthless takeover of the Gaza Strip in 2007, the organization has developed extensive terrorist infrastructure throughout the neighborhood. In just 13 days, Hamas has fired over 140 rockets from Shuja’iya into Israel.

Since the beginning of the ground phase of Operation Protective Edge, IDF soldiers have found 10 openings to terror tunnels in Shuja’iya. These tunnels are used for infiltrating Israel, smuggling weapons, and launching rockets at Israeli civilians.

The IDF dropped leaflets ordering residents to leave the area because it would be bombed. Hamas ordered those residents to ignore the leaflets and stay put. Israel even delayed its strikes after being made aware of this development:

Despite the fact that many of the residents ignored warnings and didn’t leave the neighborhood, the IDF continued to operate in the most precise and surgical way possible, targeting only terrorists and their infrastructure.

The IDF agreed to the Red Cross’ request for a two-hour humanitarian window in Shuja’iya. This humanitarian window was opened despite the threats emanating from the neighborhood, including continuous Hamas rocket fire at Israel.

Hamas continued firing rockets from Shuja’iya despite these warnings and while forcing residents to stay in their homes, knowing full well that it would exploit their resultant deaths.

Sure enough, that’s exactly what happened:Ferocious violence has resulted in more than 100 deaths in Gaza, with Palestinian accusations that a bloody assault on the town of Shuja’iya by Israeli forces, leaving bodies on the streets and buildings destroyed, was motivated by revenge for the deaths of 13 soldiers.

As reported, in an open-mic moment during one of his Sunday show appearances, Secretary of State John Kerry mocked Israel’s “pinpoint operation” on Shuja’iya.

Remember, it was Kerry who insisted that Bashar al-Assad was responsible for the chemical weapons attack in Syria last August. As was the case then, despite knowing the truth, Kerry is showing sympathy for the devil:


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