‘Conservative’ MSNBC Personality Praises Lying, Pro-Hamas, Ex-Al Jazeera Reporter while Ripping Israel

Supposed ‘conservative’ MSNBC personality Joe Scarborough turned his back on Israel during his Morning Joe broadcast right after praising Ayman Mohyeldin for “incredible reporting” from Gaza. Mohyeldin previously worked at the Muslim Brotherhood’s propaganda arm Al-Jazeera and Muslim Brotherhood friendly CNN. As Shoebat.com demonstrated earlier this month, the only thing ‘incredible’ about Mohyheldin’s reporting is how pro-Hamas it is.

What makes matters worse is that Mohyheldin portrays himself as objective and Scarborough helped perpetuate that lie by praising a propagandist for journalism.

A short time later, Scarborough says, “I’ve always been like a 100 percent supporter of Israel” (a ‘but’ is obviously coming). He said that so he could withdraw that support, referring to what Israel is doing as “asinine”, “indiscriminate” and something the U.S. “cannot be associated with”.

If Scarborough is so concerned about bad things the U.S. is associated with, why does he ignore the Obama administration’s role with Turkey, which has been unleashing the likes of ISIS on the Middle East and openly supports Hamas?

The truth is that Israel is exercising extreme caution in the face of an enemy that sacrifices its children to suicide bombs and… rocket attacks from… Israel, which goes out of its way to prevent such deaths. Scarborough is defending Hamas. Period. He’s doing so by applying the bellows to a fiery, despicable and suicidal public relations campaign by terrorists.

By turning his back on Israel, Scarborough is aiding Hamas. By being more critical of Israel than he is of ISIS, he’s abetting evil.


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