Geraldo Rivera defends Hamas by saying Israel is ‘Fueling Anti-Semitism’

During a panel discussion about the fighting in Gaza, Geraldo Rivera said that Israel is ‘fueling anti-semitism’ by defending itself. It was a stunning admission because it served to give Hamas justification for its terrorism in much the same way that blaming a video for the Benghazi attacks defends rioters.

The discussion took place on Hannity and began with Hannity’s response to Russell Brand’s incoherent and nonsensical criticism of the host’s position on Israel. As transparently obvious as other Hamas supporters, Brand completely ignored Hamas indiscriminately firing rockets into Israel and intentionally sacrificing its own civilians to win its international public relations battle.

Amazingly, Geraldo called Brand a doofus while expressing the same view under the guise of being a supporter of Israel.

Essentially, Geraldo calls himself a doofus in this clip; even Brand didn’t do that.


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