MSNBC’s Chuck Todd Admits former Al Jazeera Reporter at his Network Irresponsible

This really is an amazing piece of video between Israel’s Ambassador to the U.S., Ron Dermer and MSNBC’s Chuck Todd. Dermer brought up the fallacious reporting of former Al Jazeera and current MSNBC reporter Ayman Mohyeldin without naming him. Dermer pointed out that Mohyeldin’s report that an Israeli drone was responsible for an attack on a hospital and refugee camp was proven false. has exposed Mohyeldin’s Muslim Brotherhood bias in his reporting. In the exchange with Dermer below, Todd is left looking utterly foolish by not responding to the accurate and very serious claim that he and Mohyeldin were irresponsible. In so doing, Todd conceded the point.

Dermer went on to say that the attacks were the result of Hamas rockets while enumerating what happened with the four rockets involved. Two did no damage and the other two were responsible for the destruction Hamas apologist Mohyeldin attributed to Israel.

Shockingly, after Dermer asked that Todd and former Al Jazeera (Muslim Brotherhood propaganda arm) reporter Mohyeldin correct the record, Todd pretended to ignore Dermer.

This was an admission by Todd that Dermer was correct.

h/t WFB


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