‘Tolerant’ Muslims Shout ‘Heil Hitler’ at Pro-Israel Rally in City with Muslim Mayor

During a pro-Israel rally in Calgary, Canada, pro-Palestinian protesters began cussing at the group for expressing solidarity with Israel. Then, it broke into shouts of ‘Heil Hitler’. Calgary’s mayor is a Muslim named Naheed Nenshi who last month seemed to play the moral equivalency card and was largely silent when Hamas supporters assaulted pro-Israeli supporters at a “Gaza peace rally’.

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi

This latest incident will be quite difficult for such a tack (h/t WZ).

*Language Warning*

Last month, Neo-Nazis in Germany compared Israel to Hitler. The Hitler-loving Prime Minister of Turkey said that what Israel is doing in Gaza is more barbaric than what the Nazis did. As someone who reveres Hitler, Erdogan was admitting Hitler was evil. As a result, he admitted he too is evil.

The anti-Israel crowd really has trouble reconciling that whole Hitler dynamic. On one hand, praising Hitler is not very widely accepted. On the other hand, likening Israel to Hitler’s Nazis is nonsensical and laughable. The subsequent positions held by the Pro-Hamas crowd are rife with cognitive dissonance that would make anyone behave like a crazed schizophrenic who is unable to articulate a sane position.

Here’s a Calgary protest from last month in which pro-Hamas demonstrators assaulted pro-Israel supporters:


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