Emergency Appeal from the guys from the Tunnel Unit

With a heavy heart, by the time you have read this you would have learned that one of our soldiers were taken by Hamas. The boy, a nephew of our defense minister was an officer. His unit also suffered the loss of two soldiers dead from an ambush from a tunnel.

What most people do not know is that there is a specialized unit who deals with these tunnels. They are called Ya’alon.

As we have been creating stronger ties with commanders of these units, they have been much more open about what they need. The hesitation is because 1: The army does not complain, and 2: they do not want to embarrass the establishment by requesting gear which is essential for their mission.

But there is no budget in the army to replenish and upgrade their gear. For most of these guys, because of their specialization, have been ‘working’ for 50 days straight….since the boys were taken.
They need new boots, they need special goggles to keep dust out of their eyes and keep a clear view, they need emergency medical supplies.

When someone gives, I like to say thank you and show my appreciation. When someone says thank you and puts out their other hand for more, it is a big turn off. But this is the position we are in. Commanders are calling us up and telling us that their guys need new gear to remain safe, more effective and more deadly against the enemy. Therefore I am less hesitant to going back to you with an open hand
So I appeal to you again….even those who have repeatedly contributed to this fund.

There are 2000 people on this email list and we need a total of $40,000 by Sunday. That means if everyone goes to www.dkatom.co.il/gear and contributes $20 each, we will get this gear to a large unit of men.

One more thing I learned working on this campaign; these soldiers are not numbers, they are real people with real needs…they are our sons. If they needed new boots because after 50- days straight they are worn out, lets get them new boots.

Everything is set up from the distributor. Prices are at cost, army will pick up and deliver…we just need the money.

Please, lets do what we can to SAVE [Jewish] lives, there is too much mourning, we must do what we can to stop the killing.

With Love from Israel,
Gedaliah & Elisheva Blum