‘Ex-Muslim’ Sentenced by Muslim Judge for Burning Qur’ans in front of Mosque run by Imam who wants to Criminalize Speech

Last month, an Iraqi man was arrested after burning Qur’ans in front of the Dearborn mosque headed by Husham Alhusayni, exposed by Shoebat.com in the past. The circumstances surrounding the burnings were suspicious, so much so that it was believed the man who burned them was Muslim [here, here, and here].

Judge Sam Salamey

Judge Sam Salamey

According to the Detroit Free Press, the man who burned the Qur’ans is an “Ex-Muslim” who has had “psychological problems” and has a habit of burning Qur’ans. The judge who sentenced the man is Muslim:

A Dearborn judge fined a 51-year-old Detroit man $400 today for two misdemeanor offenses stemming from the burning of Qurans in Dearborn.

Chief Judge Sam Salamey of 19th District Court in Dearborn fined Ali Hassan Al-Asadi $200 each for open burning and littering in the June 25 incident outside a Dearborn mosque, Karbalaa Islamic Education Center. Al-Asadi paid the $200 fine for the open burning charge and owes $200 for the littering charge, which must be paid within 60 days.

Al-Asadi told the Free Press last month he started burning Qurans after having some disputes involving money with a Muslim man at a local mosque. Al-Asadi said he was raised in Iraq as a Shia Muslim, but converted to Christianity and attends local churches. He told the Free Press he has a history of psychological problems and has burned about a dozen Qurans over the past year.

The details surrounding the reason why Al-Asadi burned the Qurans are still fuzzy. The only information provided comes in the last paragraph:

Dearborn Police Sgt. Douglas Topolski said that Al-Asadi told police he “repeatedly asked mosque officials for help with getting his money back and help with paying his bills,” but got no help.

This is a confusing statement. Last month it was reported that Al-Asadi had legal disputes with multiple mosques, not just the Karbala Center.

Al-Asaidi told police that he sought help from local mosques to solve a legal matter, but when he was turned down, he became angry at the faith and decided to burn Qur’ans in retribution.

It is not known what this “legal matter” is or how many mosques it involved, based on these reports.

A local paper and imams in the region speculated that the burned Qur’ans had something to do with the upcoming visit of Florida Pastor Terry Jones. That doesn’t sound like a “legal matter”.

Pastor Terry Jones

Pastor Terry Jones

Alhusainy has a history of exploiting situations, to include the Benghazi attack and the video that was blamed for it. Alhusayni too, has called for criminalizing speech against Islam.

Speaking of Benghazi, it is worthy of note that blaming the video was about criminalizing criticism of Islam. Terry Jones did have a connection to individuals that promoted that video.


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