Hillary Clinton Angers Muslim Sisterhood Leader in Interview

When Hillary Clinton went after Barack Obama in a recent interview, it was a political calculation meant to put daylight between her and the administration for Hillary’s 2016 Presidential run. It backfired when Obama wasn’t willing to let Hillary distance herself from the administration so much. When Hillary disrespected the former Muslim Brotherhood President of Egypt Mohammed Mursi in the same interview, his Muslim Sisterhood wife took great exception.

Hillary Clinton meeting with Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Mursi in 2012.

Hillary Clinton meeting with Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Mursi in 2012.

Naglaa Mahmoud is not happy with comments Hillary Clinton made about her husband. As a consequence, Mahmoud is threatening to come forward with some damning secrets about the relationship between the two couples, as reported by El-Mogaz (h/t Jihad Watch):

Mohammed Mursi’s wife Naglaa Mahmoud has threatened to expose the special relationship between her husband and Hillary Clinton after the recent attack levied against Mursi by Hillary… Sources close to Naglaa say she threatened to publish letters between her husband and Hillary.

It is worth noting that Naglaa and Saleha Abedin – the mother of very close Hillary adviser Huma Abedin – share positions as colleagues and co-leaders in the Sisterhood, as Shoebat.com first revealed.

Several months ago, Shoebat.com reported on the allegedly very close and longstanding relationship the Clintons have had with Mursi and his wife. One of those reports had to do with threats by Mahmoud to release documents that would expose that relationship, which includes a claim that both Mahmoud and her husband had been recruited by the Clintons in the 1980’s [here and here].

Mursi and Mahmoud around the time they were 'recruited' by the Clintons?

Mursi and Mahmoud around the time they were ‘recruited’ by the Clintons?

Much was made this week about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s negative comments about President Barack Obama relative to the latter’s handling of Syria and ISIS, as Shoebat.com reported. Those comments didn’t sit well with Obama but if Hillary has to fend off anymore bees, she might find herself butt-up against a hornet’s nest.

Here are some of the comments in question made by Hillary in her interview with the Atlantic:

“I think Morsi was naïve. I’m just talking about Morsi, not necessarily anyone else in the Muslim Brotherhood. I think he genuinely believed that with the legitimacy of an elected Islamist government, that the jihadists would see that there was a different route to power and influence and would be part of the political process.”


“The Muslim Brotherhood had the most extraordinary opportunity to demonstrate the potential for an Islamist movement to take responsibility for governance, and they were ill-prepared and unable to make the transition from movement to responsibility.”

At some point, Mrs. Mursi is going to have to put up or shut up when it comes to exposing any alleged relationship between the Clintons and the Mursis.

Naglaa is coming precariously close to crying wolf one too many times, though Hillary’s relationship with Huma may buy Naglaa one or two more cries before she’s totally dismissed.


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