What Is awaiting For the Army of The Cross on the Land of the Caliphate

ISIS has produced a video titled “What is awaiting For the Army of The Cross on the Land of the Caliphate,” which showed several roadside bombs against the Americans during the Iraq war:

Their war is against the Cross and nothing more.

Jihadists love to show off some of their work. In Afghanistan, they advertise this huge explosion in what seems like a mini-nuclear weapon (start at 3:17):

They claim that the explosion was not easily explained by explosive experts, Notice the mushroom cloud from this explosion also in Afghanistan:

This following footage is against an American military base in Afghanistan. While we were fortunate not to have experienced this type of attacks on the home front, but its not far fetched that in the future we could see ISIS carry such attacks in the U.S.:

But perhaps I can send ISIS a great recipe for Cream of Mushroom Soup:

This is what is awaiting the Caliphate from the Land of The Cross. And some day they will drink it.