Edward Snowden’s Pro-Muslim Brotherhood, Homosexual Reporter Implies Jews to Blame for Ferguson Riots

Openly homosexual UK Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald – who achieved notoriety by by providing a platform for Edward Snowden – implied in one of his re-tweets that Israel had a hand in the Ferguson riots. To be clear, re-tweets should not automatically be considered an endorsement of the original tweet. In the case of Greenwald, however, his comment accompanying it indicates he supports the anti-Semitic premise.

When coupled with Greenwald’s known affinity for Muslim Brotherhood front groups like CAIR as Shoebat.com has reported, it’s not much of a leap at all to conclude he’s sympathetic to a view that blames the Jews for Ferguson’s troubles.

Enter the original tweet from Trita Parsi, which included a 2011 press release that reported police chief Timothy Fitch went to Israel to train with law enforcement, intelligence, and security forces. Parsi is an activist whose group has been linked to the Mullahs of Iran in the past according to Breitbart.


For some reason, Greenwald thought this relevant and re-tweeted it with a comment that clearly leaves the impression he thinks Parsi has a point:


Of course, the irony here – aside from the fact that Greenwald is Jewish – is that Iran’s mullahs have exactly zero sympathy for homosexuals. The brand of Sunni Muslim fundamentalism espoused by CAIR doesn’t either, though stealth jihadists in the U.S. prefer to embrace homosexuality in the interest of inclusiveness, diversity, interfaith dialogue, and bridge-building. In reality, they simply consider Greenwald to be a useful idiot who does their bidding.

Remember this, Glenn?

As IBD explained, one of the consequences of Greenwald publishing Snowden’s NSA leaks was to warn CAIR’s Executive Director and other Muslims in the U.S. that they were on an FBI watch list.

So far, Greenwald still hasn’t figured out he’s being played.

Below is a video of Greenwald at a CAIR banquet, touting the Muslim Brotherhood front group’s work. Despite the speech being delivered on April 20, 2013, it was uploaded to CAIR-NY’s YouTube channel one day before Greenwald launched the NSA scandal on June 5th:


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