Muslims Mass Slaughter 300 People, And Capture 3,500 Women And Children For Sex And Slavery

By Theodore Shoebat

Here is yet another story that should be headline news. ISIS Muslims just slaughtered three hundred people and captured 3,500 women (some as young a 10) and children for sex and slavery. In one area they butchered 300 people, including men and elderly, and then seized 1000 women and children, and included in another 2500 women and children they captured earlier. As one report explains:

MORE Than 300 Yazidi men were killed and 1,000 women and children were taken hostage after Islamist militants stormed their village in north-western Iraq, Kurdish officials have said.

The massacre of members of the minority faith — denounced by the jihadists as “devil worshippers” — took place after members of the Sunni extremist group Isis, also known as Islamic State, laid siege to their village, Kocho, on Friday.

The Yazidis were then told: “You have two choices: be killed or convert to Islam.”

The village lies near the town of Sinjar, which the jihadists had stormed on August 3, sending tens of thousands of Yazidis fleeing to the nearby mountain. Fears of genocide prompted America to launch air strikes.

Hamid Darbandi, a senior official in the Kurdish government, said the jihadists divided the men into two groups. “The elderly were killed in the school yard while the other men were taken outside the village to a field by a small spring and were mass executed there,” he told The Sunday Times.

Mirza Dinnayi, a Yazidi activist in touch with members of the village, said one man who was shot had survived by hiding under the bodies of the dead. He then escaped and raised the alarm.

There was confusion over the whereabouts of the women and children, though Dinnayi said the “pretty ones” — some as young as 10 — had been separated from the other women. Other reports said they were taken to Tal Afar, a nearby town controlled by Isis.

Dinnayi said they were in addition to the 2,500 women from across the Sinjar area already seized by Isis.

Mohsen Tawwal, a Yazidi fighter who visited Kocho, said they saw large numbers of bodies. “There were corpses everywhere,” he told the Agence France-Presse news agency.

“We only managed to get two people out alive. The rest had all been killed.”

US drones later destroyed two of the vehicles in the jihadists’ convoy.



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