SOS: Youtube Promotes Terror Training For Mass Destruction IN AMERICA

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

It used to be that bomb making terrorists were caught trying to purchase chemicals or nitrates known to be used for explosives by being detected when they went to purchase the stuff and flight schools are aware to detect any alarming pattern of Arab men with possible ties to terrorism taking aviation-related training.

But things are different now. Americans half sleep are unaware what is in the pipeline that the networking systems are designed to aid and abet the Muslim terrorist to spread his killing expertise globally including the U.S., while the slick willy Islamist tells them that Sufi Islam is the peaceful brand and that Wahhabi Islam is not. Well, here, the Sufis invented a system that cannot be detected for mastering explosives not only intended for bomb making, but for making projectiles and rockets, and its mostly made out of dung.

You heard it right, cow or horse manure will do. The title of the video clip you are bout to see is “The Naqshabandi Sufi System to Make Explosives From Animal Dung“.

The Nakshabandi Sufist are “the peaceful brand of Muslims”, don’t forget that Mr. sleepy American.

And while the Quran is playing on the background, they give a step by step how to manufacture the nitrates necessary to avoid detection by simply using a truck load or so of dung, then cooking it and then … well, I will not tell. America needs now to watch out for Muslims buying cow dung:

Some decent Egyptian media even sent out warnings to the type of instructions given by ISIS intended for future attacks, yet to no avail:

In our report here, we are not talking about how to make simple grenades, no, no, no, but how to manufacture RDX and C4 very highly explosive including 82 detailed complete lessons on how to manufacture RPG rockets from beginning to end including the launchers and Qassam rockets, the type that is lobbed by Hamas on Israel as well. Here is lesson 81, final assembly and how to use the equipment:

Youtube for years have refused to delete terrorist plans, including how to execute them with full details on bomb making, rocket making and how to kill and destroy life and infrastructure. They hound us tirelessly for criticizing the Homosexual and feminist agenda by deleting our accounts and posts while they ignore our plea to save all, right, left, including the very feminists and homosexuals we criticize to protect them from being blown up.

Youtube will worry more about deleting this:

So this is your chance my fellow Americans, this is a war on terror that has to be carried out by YOU, the citizen. Finally, I must show the American people what Youtube refuses to monitor, remove or shut down completely giving the ability for terrorists to create bomb and explosive factories in our midst. And some of these training videos has been posted for years. We believe that this is what is on the pipeline of the ISIS and other terror networks intend to do in the U.S. We ask you THE CITIZEN to flag and warn, call the FBI ( and fight to remove this evil. Here Youtube, lets see what you will do about this:

Even how to use cellphones:

But all this is only a fraction of what we found for terror aid, that Youtube allows.

Good day.