ISIS Are Getting Their Butts Kicked

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)
The Kurdish Peshmerga and Iraqi commandos inflicted heavy losses against ISIS as they took back a number of towns and villages making extensive gains against ISIS in northeastern Iraq while taking back several villages as they surrounded the large ISIS-held town of Jalawla.

And the U.S. military said its aircraft continued attacking ISIS forces Friday near Mosul Dam, where Iraqi forces are expanding control of the area after retaking the dam this month. Here is some great footage from the heavy exchange fire that eradicating many ISIS terrorists:

Last Friday, Iraqi fighters in that same province took another step in their attempt to surround the ISIS-held city of Tikrit killing several ISIS fighters in the process:

One Peshmerga let off some steam on one ISIS terrorist:

We would have to bleep 90% of the translation.

While others enjoyed some photo ops over some dead terrorists:

Here is a scene when ISIS terrorists tried to enter a home and while they were trying to film their Allahu-Akbar moment, there was the unseen Peshmerga just waiting for them, watch how the ISIS cut and run in fear:

Meanwhile, U.S. aircraft conducted three more airstrikes against ISIS forces near the Mosul Dam, the Pentagon said.

“The strikes destroyed two (ISIS) armed vehicles and a machine gun emplacement that was firing on Iraqi forces,” the Pentagon said in a news release.

Since August 8, the U.S. military has carried out 93 airstrikes, 60 of them in support of Iraqi forces near the Mosul Dam, according to the Defense Department.

The dam is the largest in the country, and Iraqi and U.S. officials far that a breach in the dam would threaten the lives of millions of Iraqis who live downstream in Mosul and Baghdad.

The U.S. airstrikes have continued despite ISIS’ threat to kill another American hostage. Here is our favorite:

I call it Operation Fumigation. (Hey ISIS, don’t blame me, I tried to warn you about these Americans)

Pray for our pilots and pray that not one arrow will return in vain.

God Bless The United States.