Muslim State Senator in Missouri wants Prosecutor who served on ‘Barack Obama Truth Squad’ Off Michael Brown Case

The St. Louis County Attorney at the heart of the latest subtext controversy relative to the Ferguson riots once promoted the Barack Obama Truth Squad. Today, demands from the black community that Robert McCulloch be removed from any case involving the prosecution of Police officer Darren Wilson for the shooting death of Michael Brown, are being made.

The black community is objecting to McCulloch’s involvement in the case and is dredging up the death of his father – a policeman – at the hands of a black man. McCulloch’s father was murdered 50 years ago.

In an interview with Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly, Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed, a Muslim, was leading the charge against McCulloch.

Via RCP:

This is a bit bizarre considering that in 2008, McCulloch was a leader with the Barack Obama Truth Squad. This was an effort to formally rebut any statements about Obama that are not truthful, to include claims that he is a Muslim (wink, wink):

In 2011, Nasheed expressed a desire to block anti-Sharia law legislation:

African-Americans are the only ethnic group of Muslims who have made a noticeable step into Missouri politics. A Democrat who represents a swath of north St. Louis, Jamilah Nasheed, said she was currently the only Muslim representative at the state capital in Jefferson City. She said she hadn’t seen any backlash from colleagues but had experienced a general lack of understanding.

For instance, she said, the co-sponsor of a recent bill that would essentially prevent the application of Sharia, or Islamic religious laws in the courts, approached her for support recently, apparently not knowing about her faith. Imagine the idea of proposing a bill to ban Christian principles, she said.

Nasheed offered words of encouragement for Sajid’s campaign.

“I hope that they judge him based on his character and what he has to offer to people in Ballwin in terms of policies,” she said.

Perhaps Nasheed should recuse herself from speaking out on such legislation because she is Muslim and has an inherent conflict of interest. If the death of McCulloch’s father would affect his impartiality, wouldn’t Nasheed being Muslim affect hers?

Hillary Clinton (L) and Jamilla Nasheed (R) circa 2008.

Hillary Clinton (L) and Jamilla Nasheed (R) circa 2008.


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