Bashar Al-Assad Says America Will Soon Join His Side, And Will Work With Him In Fighting ISIS

By Theodore Shoebat

Bashar al-Assad and his regime believe that America will soon come to his side as ISIS intensifies their activities to shape the Middle East into an Islamic sharia utopia. The United States and other Western forced backed up the jihadists last year, but in Syria’s eyes now since the chaos is increasing, and with America doing airstrikes on ISIS strongholds and Assad conducting the fight in Syria, it looks like the US will shift their position on the Assad regime.

Obama wanted to bomb certain centers of the Assad regime in Syria, a proposal shot down by the US government, but now their is a debate stirring within the West regarding the Syria policy.

But currently there is no sign of a shift of sentiment toward Assad by the US, with Ben Rhodes, President Barack Obama’s deputy national security adviser, saying “He’s part of the problem”. However, it has been confirmed by state department spokeswoman, Marie Harf, that the US is working with governments in the Middle East to clamp down on jihadist terrorist funding.

According to sources, Assad is prudent enough to see that America is not going to make a turn in policy, but since he has taken vital parts of Syria under his dominion, time is on his side as he sees the war as being a long process, and not the short and explosive conflict the West perceives it as.

According to Salem Zahran, a Lebanese journalist with close ties to the Syrian government:

The regime recognizes that the Western opening will be in secret, and via security channels and not diplomacy. The political-diplomatic opening needs longer… But the regime believes that the whole world will come to coordinate with it under the slogan “fighting terrorism”

Syria is presenting itself as fighting the ‘common enemy’: extremist Islamic terrorists, and is betting that the US will support him in his actions. Syria’s Deputy Foreign Minister Faysal Mekdad made it clear that the Assad regime is very open to working with any nation willing to fight alongside him against the invading jihadists:

Syria will not hesitate to cooperate with any state in fighting terrorism, apart from those who claim to be fighting it while funding it, supporting it, backing it

Right now the situation in Syria is on Assad’s side, with the rebels being stuck behind the power of Syria’s force. Joshua Landis, an expert on Syria based at the University of Oklahoma, said:

Assad has backed the opposition into a corner. They have fulfilled every item on his wish list – to become bloodier than he, to become a bunch of head choppers and Islamist radicals … Assad needs to present himself as a partner for the United States, and to help promote an argument that undoubtedly Iran and the new prime minister of Iraq are going to make: that you can’t be against (Islamic State) and Assad

Could the Obama administration work with Assad? Possibly, in a temporary measure to only end ISIS. But long term? I don’t think so, since America is working with Turkey, and the Turks want to invade Syria. The United States will back up Turkey in its war against Syria, with the perception is a civilized nation that can maintain stability in a region immersed into chaos and jihadist violence.

The United States will trust this perception and enable Turkey to take control in Syria.



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