Archbishop Of Canterbury: Muslims Who Leave England To Fight In Jihad Should Be Blocked From Returning To England!

By Theodore Shoebat

The one who beheaded James Foley was a British Muslim, and there are many British people who have left the UK to partake in the Jihad in Syria and Iraq. British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has said that more than 500 British Muslims have left to do Jihad in the last past few years. It is getting severe to the point that now Western governments are discussing what to do with them. Well, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, has the solution: block them from returning to the UK. He said:

They should not have access to the privilege of travelling under a British passport with the accompanying consular protection – and they certainly should not be able to travel back to their shores with the barbaric and bloodthirsty skills they have gained… Young people who travel abroad to commit violent ‘jihad’ should know before they go that there is no way back to civilised society. … It may focus their minds to know that the privileges and luxuries of our country (including our gyms, games consoles and relative peacefulness) will be denied to them in future.

Mr. Hammond, in a recent article on the beheading of James Foley in reference to the dangerous trend of British Muslims leaving to fight jihad, wrote:

The likely involvement of a British citizen in last week’s horrific beheading is further proof of the threats we face from individuals who may carry our passport but do not share our values … It is horrifying to think that the perpetrator of this heinous act could have been brought up in Britain. It is an utter betrayal of our country, our values and everything the British people stand for

The same Archbishop has rightfully said that multiculturalism is the cause of the beheadings and honor killings that have been done in the UK. As I have always said, Islam is merely a symptom of a deeper sickness, and that is tolerance at the expense of Christian supremacy. In the words of the Archbishop:

For too long we have been self-conscious and even ashamed about British identity. By embracing multiculturalism and the idea that every culture and belief is of equal value we have betrayed our own traditions of welcoming strangers to our shore. … In Britain’s hospitable establishment different beliefs were welcomed but only one was preeminent – Christianity. The fact is that for too long the doctrine of multiculturalism has led to immigrants establishing completely separate communities in our cities. This has led to honour killings, female genital circumcision and the establishment of sharia law in inner-city pockets throughout the UK.

England should listen to the Archbishop, let them rot in the hell they brought themselves in, allowing them reentry will only be bringing in lunatic Muslims who have the nerves to behead and rape, and who will instill their fanaticism into the idealistic minds of youths. Christianity needs to be preeminent in order for civilization to perpetuate.



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