ISIS Worships The Vagina

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

I remember when I once was asked by Denise Miller as to “why these terrorists do not just want to party, be married and just have sex like the rest of us” in which I replied: “what do you mean, there dying to have sex”.

Indeed, if you listen to the ISIS ‘national anthem’ what you will find is pure vulva worship:

Here are the words:

أبو بكر يا بغدادي يا مرهب الأعادي
Abu Bakr ya Baghdadi ya murhab al-a’adi

حور الجنان تنادي سجلني استشهادي
Hur el-ein bit-nadi sajjilni istishhadi

O sorry, I forgot, you don’t read Arabic. Here’s how it goes:

“Abu Bakr O Baghdadi. Thou terrorize the enemy.
The Huris are calling. So register me as martyr”

This is the first statement in their “national liturgy”.

The Huris are the wide-eyed virgins in heaven, so the Jihadi’s call is to be registered on the waiting list of wannabe martyrs so they can go upstairs to have eternal sex with the wide-eyed virgins.

I had asked my father once, what does Allah do in heaven while these eternal orgies are going on with virgins who can even instantly regain their virginity (I call these ziplock virgins).

He thought about it for a few moments and said “We will listen to Allah giving us speeches during the breaks”.

“No one dies for a speech” I replied.

Jihadis die for the vulva, its their god.

The vulva worship in Islam was conceived from pre-Islam, way way back. Why else would their Ka’ba be called Bab-Illah (Babel) and why is its black stone housed in a vulva?


And why even God himself in the Bible minced no words when he talked of a “whore” (please send your complaints to God) in a desert? The Ka’ba in Islam is exactly what is described by John who talked about a prostitute in a desert in Revelation 17:3.

If the Ka’ba is not about some whore, why do Muslims even view it as a woman? One Muslim writes a poem depicting the Ka’ba as his lover and he even literally calls her Bab-Illah (Babel) “the Gate to Allah”. He titles his poem “Look at my lover and your lover as she changes her dress”, speaking of when the black Kiswa dress which Muslims take special care to first make sure she is dressed first while un-slipping her older garment lest she is seen naked. Watch carefully how the older Hijab garment slips from beneath (start at 1:45):

The poet is enamored with the Kaaba as if she is a woman:

“I tremble in Thy beauty
Yearning to Thy black silk
Thy excellent belt a verse included
From the Quran a splendid writ
Granting Thee from Allah’s throne a high esteem
Which should suffice
He named Thee His Gate
He even loosened from Thy splendid robe pride
To dress Thee in splendor and majesty” (1)

kaaba hdr (1)

Islam really is rooted in naturism. Allah is a product of the Venus goddess Athtar, and is the male counterpart to the earth goddess Allat. The Blackstone itself, the holiest idol in Islam, was originally a fertility symbol, being still place in a frame shaped in the form of a vulva.

If in doubt how sex craved these demons are just go to the source itself to see how much Islam is filled with instructions on weird sex:

2.1 Men can rape female slaves and captives
2.2 Men can rape female captives in front of their husbands
3 Al-‘Azl (coitus interruptus)
3.1 When having sex with captives, it’s better if you don’t pull out at the end
3.2 It’s okay to practice ‘azl when having sex with your slave-girl

5.1 Men can enter if they give Muhammad what is between their legs
5.2 Men are rewarded with undefiled virgins
5.3 Men will have 72 virgins each
5.4 But the number of virgins in paradise is limitless
5.5 The virgins will have firm breasts
5.6 And appetizing vaginas
5.7 Men will be given the sexual strength of 100 persons
5.8 A man’s penis will remain ‘ever-erect’

6 Muhammad
6.1 Has sex with 11 wives in 1 night
6.2 Was given the sexual power of 40 men
7 Aisha
7.1 Muhammad has sex with her aged only 9
7.2 Muhammad sucks her tongue
7.3 Muhammad surprises her
7.4 Muhammad fondles her
7.5 Muhammad ‘thighs’ her
9 Pedophilia
9.1 Is permitted by the Qur’an
9.2 Pre-pubescent widows
10 Miscellaneous
10.1 Companions of Muhammad masturbated during Jihad
10.2 Anal sex is forbidden
10.3 No prescribed punishment for zoophilia

So next time you hear Allahu Akbar, remember, they praise the sex god.

(1) translated by Walid Shoebat