British Christians Take on Muslims outside Saudi Arabian Embassy

One of the main reasons Muslims in Great Britain have been so successful at bullying Brits is because the former largely does so without significant opposition. A group known as Britain First may be changing that. In the video below, Britain First confronted Islamists aligned with Anjem Choudary outside the Saudi Arabian embassy in London.

Take note that the Islamists were not confronted by secularists; they were confronted by non-pacifist Christians who understand that defending God and country is not antithetical to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

An added touch is how Britain First was able to drown out the Islamists by blaring patriotic music (h/t Tim):

It is interesting to watch that video and contrast it with the one below from February 3, 2006. It shows Islamists outside the Danish Embassy in London after the Muhammad cartoons set the Middle East ablaze. Take note of the guy at the 2:00 mark expressing solidarity with Osama bin Laden and calling for the invasion of Denmark to “take their wives as war booty”. Compare how the police blockaded British First in the video above with how it allowed an unfettered, rabid Islamic street mob to essentially rule the streets while calling for the rape of westerners.

In this video, Islamists were declaring war on Great Britain. Yet, the police stood down, looking like doofuses that reflected the political will of Tony Blair. Today, David Cameron is the pathetic political spawn of Blair. Today, eight years later, British Christians are inching closer to telling police that reflect Cameron to GO POUND SAND, BEYOTCHES!


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