British Muslim Defends ISIS on Live TV

Earlier this week it was learned that British Muslim Anjem Choudary’s followers allegedly inspired the ISIS jihadist suspected of beheading James Foley, as reported. The Muslim who beheaded British soldier Lee Rigby in the streets was also a follower of Choudary.

Last night, Choudary appeared on Hannity and as is normally the case, would not answer direct questions and continually talked over the host. This is a common tactic of someone who doesn’t want to address the issue at hand, which was the brutality of ISIS, a group Choudary defended through obfuscation. He also argued that ISIS is not forcing people to convert or die by suggesting that the narrative about the trapped Yazidis was false.

It is obvious that Choudary has a much bigger problem with Hannity than he does with ISIS. This is really all anyone needs to know because that is the most damning indictment of Choudary’s true intentions. Instead of condemning ISIS, he defended the group and went after Hannity in the process for asking him about it.

There were some telling moments in the exchange. For example, Choudary insisted that Sharia law will be implemented in America. When confronted with the reality that ISIS and other Islamic terrorist groups behead people who don’t convert, Choudary kept deferring to moral equivalency, saying that America has been beheading Muslims with drones.

Using Choudary’s own words, drones are killing people who demand conversion to Islam or death. Apparently, he believes people should just accept that.

Besides, no one is killing more Muslims than Muslims themselves. Choudary’s strategy was clearly to just keep words coming out of his mouth to avoid realities like that.

In the U.S., whenever there is concern expressed about sharia law through the introduction of anti-Sharia legislation in various states, groups like CAIR fight tooth and nail to have such legislation killed. Yet, Choudary is threatening that Sharia will be coming to America.

Why Choudary continues to be allowed to roam freely in Great Britain is astonishing when one considers that he seeks the overthrow of the British government and is creating Islamic soldiers on a near daily basis. One of them slaughtered a British soldier in the street.

To illustrate British Prime Minister’s glaringly misplaced priorities relative to dealing with Choudary, have a look at the two videos below. The first is Cameron with a Ramadan message this past June and the second is Cameron with an end-of-Ramadan message one month later:


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