U.S. Sending Weapons to NATO ‘Ally’ (Turkey) Caught Harboring Hamas Leaders and Aligning with Iran

The Obama administration is sending weapons to Turkey, which is now openly harboring leaders of a U.S. State Department designated Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) in Hamas. In addition to that, as Shoebat.com has reported [here and here], Turkey is solidifying its alliance with Iran, one of only four countries on the U.S. State Department list of State Sponsors of Terrorism.

Turkey is also invested in an ISIS victory in Syria. Yes, that would be the same ISIS that the U.S. is now having to confront in Iraq and… Syria.

As Shoebat.com reported recently, State Department spokesman Marie Harf issued a bald-faced lie when she said the U.S. had ‘no evidence’ that any governments were funding ISIS. Harf also stated that the State Department is “constantly looking at ways to cut off financing” to the group.

That would require the U.S. to stop shipping weapons to Turkey:

Who is the U.S. arming again?

Uh, yeah, NATO ‘ally’ Turkey which – strong evidence suggests – is arming the same ISIS the U.S. is sounding alarm bells about.

Here is Harf this past March referring to Turkey as a ‘close NATO ally’ while also saying the U.S. does not always agree with Turkey:

Justifying an alliance with a country that supports terrorism by saying allies don’t always agree is like saying friendly child molesters should be able to work at daycare centers.

Got schizophrenia, Marie?

Despite Turkey’s harboring of Hamas operatives, the Obama administration continues to ship weapons to Turkey while touting the latter’s bonafides as a NATO partner.

Adam Kredo reports:

At least 12 Hamas operatives, including a senior leader and others convicted of murder, have enjoyed safe haven in Turkey, a country that regional experts say is quickly becoming “a very hospitable environment” for Hamas terrorists to plan operations.

Turkey’s ties to Hamas have come under scrutiny in recent weeks after it came to light that a senior Hamas leader accused of planning the kidnapping of three Israeli teens is being sheltered in the country with the government’s knowledge.

In addition to top Hamas official Saleh Al-Arouri, Turkey has provided shelter to at least 11 other Hamas militants, two of whom have murdered Israelis and are known to the Turkish authorities, according to data published by the Palestinian National Information Center.

While Turkey’s support for Hamas has attracted concern in prominent foreign policy circles, the State Department has not expressed concern about the developments and is going forward with weapons shipments to Ankara.

Turkey Alliance with State Sponsor of Terrorism
As Shoebat.com reported back in April, the pieces are in place for a growing Turkey-Iran alliance. Three’s a crowd and that third person is Bashar al-Assad.

One year ago, the pseudo-intellectual political elite insisted that Assad’s removal from power be facilitated by U.S. air strikes. One year later, as ISIS reveals its true face, the U.S. is now having to fight ISIS and ally with Assad by default.

As such, the U.S. is supporting ISIS by supporting Turkey, which is supporting Hamas and working with Iran.

Yet, we the people who don’t live in Washington, DC are the dumb ones?

At least we aren’t dangerously dysfunctional schizophrenics.


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