NEW VIDEO: ISIS Captures Hundreds Of Soldiers And Drags Them Across The Desert In The Nude

The unexpected end and thunderous fall of the Tabaqa Military Airport in Raqqa to the Islamic State (ISIS) has reshuffled the cards on the ground and opened the eastern and central parts of Syria to endless, dangerous possibilities. More than that was a report explaining that the ISIS has used new tactics; adding a poison to the water supply in which Syrian soldiers died.

Here is a video just released by ISIS showing what they did to the 200 or so Syrian soldiers:

ISIS put the caption of the video as “A Herd of Shiites captured by ISIS army”.

“hrrrr” “hrrrr” the sound is made by the captors that is known to shepherds herding sheep and the mocking is clearly heard to humiliate the men who are marching in the desert heat barefoot and practically naked and likely to be slaughtered like sheep. Why do we predict this? Well, ISIS just released another video of the takeover of Tabaqa airport in which it shows the mass killing (see 3:14-3:30):

ISIS proceeded in the two days before the fall of the airport to poison the drinking water by placing toxic materials which poisoned soldiers of the Syrian army. Instead of depriving soldiers of water in the known style of a terrorist ISIS had innovative ways in criminal warfare in trying to hit the morale of the soldiers. The materials, according to the sources, is not a chemical with a smell to it, or does it react chemically in the human body. This information obtained from some of the soldiers of the Syrian army who came out alive from the battle talked about their observations of their colleagues who drank from the water that turned them in a period of hours to die of the result of the erosion of the body from the inside.

Meanwhile, the Christian majority city of Mhardeh, in the countryside of Hama, was under the fiercest offensives by Jabhat al-Nusra several days ago, amid fears that the scenario of the capture of Christian Maaloula could be repeated.

The mysterious poisoning of water supplies shows that the ISIS has perfected ideas on how to ruin water supplies in which it might use to ruin water sources turning water to wormwood.