Saudis Seeking Jewish Protection from Muslim Brotherhood, Turkey, and Iran

After financing anti-Semitic, Muslim Brotherhood terrorism around the world for decades, the Saudis are now seeking to normalize relations with Israel. In a clear gesture of self-preservation in the face of growing threats from the Brotherhood, Iran, and Turkey, the Saudis are seeking a rather unique alliance.

This is obviously not about a change of heart or shift in ideology. It’s the realization that Saudi Arabia is under a growing and gathering threat.

According to AWDnews (h/t BNI):

Speaking on the sidelines of the world assembly of Islamic scholars in Jeddah, Saud bin Faisal Al Saud said that the Middle-East needs peace and co-existence more than ever and Saudi Arabia as a leading Islamic country is ready to make sacrifices in peace negotiations and encourages President Abbas to follow the same policy.

Referring to the ongoing war in Gaza strip, the Saudi foreign Minster stressed that Hamas authority is the sole responsible for Palestinian calamity and they must be brought before the law.

The Saudi official further added that Arab World Increasingly Frustrated With Hamas which is seeking more wars.

For the Saudis to seek out an alliance with Israel, it clearly feels it is under a grave threat by Iran, Turkey, and the Muslim Brotherhood (Hamas). Conversely, when these entities see the Saudis do so, it further reinforces their contempt for Saudi Royalty.

The Saudis have been moving in this direction for some time. When the Obama administration backed away from launching air strikes on Assad last year and then negotiated with Iran over its nuclear weapons program, Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal expressed grave concern.

As reported, Talal said the “…threat is from (Iran), not… Israel.”

This also speaks to the respect Israel commands in the region, which leads to one of Walid’s many predictions. One of them is that when Iran acquires and uses nuclear weapons, Saudi Arabia – not Israel – will be the target.

Here is Walid’s last interview on the 700 Club, which took place in early 2012. In the context of this latest development, it’s worth another look:

Another interview in which Saudi Arabia being the Harlot of Babylon is discussed:


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